By Chris Fogarty April 11, 2012

Because this exposes a few wrongdoers it is vital to remember that TENS OF THOUSANDS of Irish-Illinoisans participated in the below-mentioned campaigns with commitment, unity, and integrity. Other than myself the major signature collectors were, in descending order, Eddie McCormick, Tim Donovan, and Mary Cassidy, and perhaps ten or twelve at special events, say, Navy Pier or St. Patrick Day parade. My Mary sorted and mailed them (many tens of thousands of them) to their corresponding pols. Considering the historic importance of the issues we addressed the opponents and saboteurs were remarkably few.  We led and performed essentially all of the work done in city and state campaigns for the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, Bloody Sunday, Illinois MacBride, Chicago MacBride, Dessie Ellis, and Joe Doherty. We participated in the US-UK Extradition and Immigration campaigns which were led by others.

General: The following is a chronological précis of the human rights efforts by my wife Mary, me, and many thousands of others, and the British government's coordinated attacks from MI5/FBI Agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley, and perpetrated by Maureen O’Looney, Dan Lydon, Jerry Boyle, Jack Solbrig, and to a lesser extent Channel 5/Carol Marin, Pat Hennessy and Patrick Boylan. Their few collaborators may have been duped, so will go unnamed here. Jerry Boyle had ingratiated himself by causing them to believe he was their legal defender.


June 12. A regular meeting at Gibbon’s Funeral Home on Irving Park. Phone trees and letter-writing campaigns for US/UK extradition treaty and enactment of MacBride for the rest of 1986.

Oct. Mary and I bring Jerry Boyle to an Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) Northside branch meeting on Irving Park.

Nov. 21. My chairmanship of the Northside IAUC was first attacked by people writing to out-of-towners. Jerry’s role in it was not suspected by me at the time or for long after.

Dec. 17. Met Sen. Simon in Bensenville re MacBride.  


June 14. Having abandoned our ineffective, multi-signature petitions and Sunday distribution of MacBride flyers outside Catholic churches (pols didn’t respect the former, and the latter weren’t generating an adequate flow of letters/calls to pols), we were, under State Rep John McNamara’s direction, collecting signatures, addresses, tel. nos., on pre-printed MacBride letters to pols at all Irish surnamed houses in Speaker Madigan’s district (from 55th to 79th and from Kedzie west to Harlem and into the suburbs). We (mostly I) did this weekends and some evenings for most of the rest of the year while Mary sorts the letters and mails them in batches to the appropriate pols.  Maureen O’Looney participated a grand total of two hours. Neither Jerry nor any of his other accomplices ever participated; but they did pursue the O’Looney/Jerry agenda of smearing me, roughly sequentially (defrocked priest, “CIA agent,” “FBI agent,” “Moonie,” “fraud”) though we didn’t know MI5/FBI or Jerry were behind it. We were mystified as to what we might be doing to impart such false impressions.

June 15, 16. MacBride hearings in Illinois House (State Gov’t Admin Committee).

Sept. 14. At our IAUC meeting in the Portage Park fieldhouse as Rev. Jim Bevel stood up to deliver his report on his very successful trip to Derry, O’Looney loudly asked; “Who invited the nigger?” To my permanent regret I merely muttered a reproof to her. Bevel recovered and gave his report. At the time I attributed O’Looney’s slur to racism but eventually suspected that her handlers had prompted it.

Sept. 21. FBI agents Spenser and Schober visited Mary and me at home. We got their business cards.

Sept. 23. State Rep Roger McAuliffe has received NO MacBride support letters from Jerry’s group. We keep collecting signatures and forwarding them in batches to Illinois reps and senators.

Sept. 28. Sgt. Stanmeyer visited and said nothing can be done without more info from the FBI. Concerned about sinister FBI visit we had summoned police a few days earlier.

Sept. 29.My group meets Speaker Madigan in his office.

Oct. 6, Illinois Senate Select Committee conducts MacBride hearing in Loop State of Illinois building. I, among others, testified. During the hearing someone directed my attention to Maureen O’Looney’s actions. From behind her I observed her tell one person (Irish-born): “Watch out for Fogarty; he’s a CIA agent.” The very next person she told; “Watch out for Fogarty; he’s IRA.”  Because the two smears were mutually-incompatible, and because she was tailoring them toward her perception of her targeted person’s politics, she had demonstrated that her group’s series of smears weren’t honest misperceptions – she had to be fronting for someone. Earlier my Mary had challenged people; “How do you know that?” and had repeatedly traced the slurs back to O’Looney. Their list of smears had, in rough sequence, been; “defrocked priest,” “Moonie,” “CIA agent,” “IRA,” and subsequent to the Langert murders; “IRA hit-man.”   


March 2. Madigan’s office at 7 p.m.

April 13. MacBride passed State Gov’t Administration Committee by 15-4.

April 16. Having seemingly secured Democratic party support we (actually I) began collecting signatures house-to-house of Irish-surnamed voters in Woodridge and Addison, later throughout (Rep Lee Daniels’ and Sen. Pate Phillips’ districts). I did this on weekends for a few months to win a few Republicans after Madigan brought in the Dem party. 

April 19. Audiotaped my phone conversation with Dept. of Justice’s Mary Williams in which she read the contract the British gov’t had agreed with Boyle’s boss Sam Vinson to oppose enactment of our MacBride bill. Vinson hired African-American Billy Paige and Irish-American Gerry Shea as lobbyists against us. Vinson had been working FOR us until then.

April 21. Cars and three Caravan Coach Lines coaches to Springfield. Distributed signed constituent MacBride letters to pols. Later we all watched MacBride (H.B. 1374) pass House by 84 to 14 (Dems 60 to 0, Repubs 24-14).

June 8. MacBride passed Senate Committee by15 to 2. Rules Committee assigned it to Exec. Committee.

June 21. MacBride (S.B. 1374) passed Illinois Senate by 53 to 2. We then focused on Gov. Thompson. Tel. calls, letters, thousands of them.

Sept. 2. Governor Thompson signed Illinois MacBride.  Then we began to focus upon freeing Joe Doherty.


Jan. 10. I deliver their constituents’ Joe Doherty support letters to Sens. Rock, Simon, Dixon, Collins, Annunzio. Trib publishes my reply to British Consul General Mingay.

Feb. 26. Doherty rally at Irish American Heritage Center. Mayor Sawyer speaks. Ditto Eddie Burke, et al. I had rented the hall ($400) and made all arrangements including plane fares for two additional speakers from NY. When Jerry Boyle’s group refused to pay the $5 admission and told many other arrivals it was free admission, they caused a net loss of about $225, but Boyle gave me a check to cover the loss. (The organized gate-crashing was probably designed to elicit event-destroying violence but we didn’t react, just let them in despite their refusals to pay admission.)

March 29. Met with Sen. Dixon re Doherty.

April 6. At a meeting of Lydon, Reporter Steve Neal, Dixon Aide Emmet O’Neill, Sen. Rock, and Rep Judi Irwin, Lydon refers to Doherty as a terrorist and Fogarty a Moonie and radical. (Irwin told this to Kathy Roach McDonnell who told us.) In “DJ’s” Lumpen smear articles he makes clear his attempts to get Channel 5/Carol Marin to report me as a “Moonie” and to implicate me in the Langert murders.  

April 7. Hand-carried my draft of Doherty mayoral resolution to Ald. Sheehan aide Marty Walsh.

April 15. MI5/FBI/O’Looney/Lydon’s suppression of the Sun-Times truth-telling Doherty report is complete; and the same group are also getting my letters to the editor suppressed. In semi-grief after the story was killed, our group asked each other; “Why would a Dan Lydon want to abet British crimes against a Joe Doherty?” Someone said he must be a British agent, so the next morning I phoned the Foreign Agent’s Registration office in the State Department, only to find that Lydon WAS registered there. He was registered as an agent for a tiny political party in Ireland; by far the most British-leaning of all - also the most anti-union.

We made three pages, Lydon’s signed registration, a report of the anti-union activities of the party he represented, and a report of his opposition to justice for Doherty. We made hundreds of photocopies of the three pages, stapled them together, and handed them to union plumbers. It took about a year, but one day a large body of plumbers stormed their HQ and threw Lydon out of it - permanently. He set fire to his office in the process and did massive fire damage to the building.   

May 2, Hand-carried my draft of Doherty mayoral resolution to Ald Eddie Burke.

May 10. Doherty Res. Passed City Council.

May 18. I awarded the IAUC Man of the Year ’88-’89 plaque to Rep McNamara at his fund-raiser at Chateau Bu-She. Our group also bought 5 tables.

July 7. My group collected Free-Doherty signatures at Navy Pier all weekend. Mary mailed them in batches to the appropriate pols as she had done the other tens of thousands of MacBride letters earlier.

July 26. On Radio WORT in Madison, Wisconsin for Doherty

Sept. 7. Cong. Costello co-sponsored H.R. 62 for Doherty

Sept. 16, 17. Mary and I collected Doherty signatures at Irish American Heritage Center Fest, later at Beverly Arts Center at a Pat Woods concert.

Oct. 11. Cong. Yates signed on for Doherty

Oct. 16. Worked on Illinois Rep. Lynn Martin’s campaign due to her MacBride support.

Oct. 25-26. Got Doherty support letters from Corkmen’s, Galway, Clare; from Roscommon, labor organizations, etc. on other days.

Oct. 28 Faxed Cong. Hyde’s office mat’l on Doherty by Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Oct. 30. Faxed County (Mayo, Clare, etc) organization letters of support of Doherty to Cong. Hyde.

Nov. 20. Mary hand-carried Boston Ordinance re Doherty to Eddie Burke.

Nov. 27. Hyde doesn’t know yet if he will sign on for Doherty. When he mentions his opposition to terrorism we agree with him and I hand him my tabulation of homicides due to the Anglo-Irish conflict which show the terrorists are British, not Irish.  He says he’ll check my data, and if it proves true he will take major, constructive action for Doherty.  Hyde’s promise was abundantly fulfilled by his subsequent letter to Atty. Gen. Thornburgh.

Dec. 8. Mary hand-carried to Eddie Burke my letter calling for release of B-6 and Winchester 3.  City Resolutions resulted; see Jan. 18th below.


Jan. 2. Got Vietnam’s most decorated American hero, Tom Stack, to phone Congs. Hyde and Lipinski for Doherty.

Jan. 8. Handed Trib editors a letter by IAUC founder Jim Delaney supporting me. (To counter Jerry’s smear artists.)

Jan. 18.  B-6 Resolution passed Chicago City Council. We forwarded originals to B-6 and copies to newspapers.

Jan. 30 & Mar. 9. H.Con. Res. 249 re Birmingham 6 introduced in D.C. with 53 sponsors including Hyde.

Feb. 18. Sunday. At his alarmed urging, Mary and I meet my old school buddy and now FBI agent Joe Doyle at Golden Flame restaurant at Higgins and Nagle Sts. He says our lives are in danger; that MI5 has bribed and subverted some of his fellow agents and are planning crimes against us to silence us. When, despite his Oath of Office, he said he couldn’t do anything to stop them Mary and I, aware of the absolute nature of his Oath, concluded that his judgment must be defective and that he probably has the whole story wrong or is exaggerating. We had believed that the FBI protected the public FROM crime. It took quite a few unprosecuted FBI crimes against us to force us to acknowledge that it is An untouchable criminal operation.   

Feb. 22. At AOH at 6511 So. Kedzie.

Feb. 28. Boyle side-kick Jack Solbrig gives singer Tim O’Sullivan a sheaf of smear articles with envelope, and honest Tim brings it to us for our information. It is identical to what John Heneghan and Mrs. Frank O’Neill have received in the mail anonymously. As a kind favor and with a personal note, Mrs. Margaret Hussey, Dan Lydon’s secretary, mails me an identical four-pages of smear articles that she, as ordered by Lydon, is mailing out anonymously to countless Chicagoans and the news media.      

March 9. (Legislation day Jan 23) U.S. Cong. S. Con. Res. Re Birmingham 6.

April 8. Richard and Nancy Langert and their unborn baby are found murdered in Winnetka. I had never heard of them nor of their murderer, but MI5/FBI agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley framed me for it while prohibiting the local police from pursuing their sole suspect, David Biro, the murderer, whose weapon was FBI agent Lewis'. Biro later saved me by blabbing through his FBI cover into Life Without Possibility of Parole and remains in Downstate Pontiac prison. He thus saved me from a similar or worse fate, for which I am deeply grateful to him. Notice how cunningly DJ/Lumpen wove me into this atrocity.   

Spring, 1990. We continue to collect many thousands of willing signatures, addresses, etc., on letters for Doherty to pols; Mary sorts them as she did the Illinois MacBride letters, first by zip code, then into its corresponding legislative district. She mails them to each pol in batches, randomly, seven one day, thirty-five the next, then twelve, etc.  Sample letter

April 23. Channel 5/Carol Marin broke the “news” of the “IRA link” to the Langert murders. Marin gone when I phoned her.

April 24. Marin is unrepentant when I phone. She says that her info came from FBI. To see how DJ fraudulently wove me into that atrocity see his Lumpen articles.
Rec’d from Msgr. Egan his Doherty letters to Sens. Simon and Dixon and Rostenkowski.     

April 27. Agent Doyle phoned to recommend a book, “Cathedral,” re “dirty tricks.”

April 28. Mary and I collected signatures for Doherty at West Suburban Ir-Am Society meeting.

May 1.  The MI5/FBI plan to silence us (per agent Doyle) is being achieved by Jerry's group who are getting Chicago newspapers to stop publishing my letters, on the basis of their successful campaign to out-of-towners to disband our branch of IAUC. (Info in my 1990 log book on this date)

May 15. Visited by Chicago Magazine’s Bruce Rubenstein. His interview made clear that he was seeking only dirt to throw; so I phoned Jeanne Bishop to warn her about him; only to learn later that Jerry Boyle was behind the visit.

May 18. Picked up Mike Flannery at O’Hare. He bunks with us.

May 19. In today’s mail: a copy from Cong. Henry Hyde of his letter of support for Joe Doherty.  I mail it to many newspapers (and when Thornburgh runs for the US senate (or Governor?) from Pennsylvania, we circulate it throughout Irish-Pennsylvania and he lost by the margin created by his own crimes against Doherty).

May 20 (Sunday) Honored Flannery at Glendora House on Harlem Ave.

May 21.  Thanked Henry Hyde.

May 23. Boyle admits he gave my name to Rubenstein and thinks story will be OK. It turned out to be a hatchet-job that the Chicago Magazine editor told Mary failed to meet its standards. Months later the magazine published a cleaned-up version of it.

June 2. My letter to Jerry regarding his sabotages.

June 9. Sat. All Chicago Irish radio shows announce an event, fraudulent, to celebrate Jerry Boyle side-kick Jack Solbrig’s “successful winning-over of Cong. Hyde for Doherty.”  Thus, while Jerry and his group sabotage our efforts they usurp credit for our victories.

June 16. My note to Irish radio shows: “Doherty rally in Daley Plaza is canceled so as to avoid any connection to, or confusion with, the gang that promoted an Anti-American affair last year at which they sold communist literature in Joe Doherty’s name. “

June 21. (See log book) When I arrive home from work the doorman informs me that FBI agents were looking for me regarding the Winnetka murders, and gives me Agent Buckley’s card.

June 22. Buckley left a phone message.

June 29.  US Speaker Hastert, guided by mutual friend Gene Sparrow, co-sponsors Birmingham Six Resolution.

July 2. (See Log book.) Detective Schimier of Winnetka wants to talk with me. Refers to “four burglaries of the same pattern as the Winnetka murders.” He would reveal to me only two of the four; “Patrick Pearse Council(!) and American Irish Congress” I had never met Kathy Holmes (she lived in … Ohio?) but had no reason to doubt her word that her American Irish Congress office had been burgled. But Maureen O’Looney’s claim that the Patrick Pearse Council financial records had been stolen from her undamaged car on the night before she was due to deliver them to the membership was bogus and was seen by everyone present as bogus within seconds of her announcement of it. My Mary’s phone call to O’Looney’s local police station confirmed the falseness of O’Looney’s story that the police had investigated a “break-in” of her car. No American benefited from the bogus news that the IRA had murdered the Langerts, but it was a dream coup for British propaganda and its war against Irish national self-determination. So who was the MI5/FBI agent or accomplice who had spread to Detective Schimier the fabricated story that O’Looney had been burgled and that I was the burglar suspect? Carol Marin had told me that the FBI was the source of the news (which she “broke” on TV 5) that the IRA were involved in the Langert atrocity. But who “informed” Schimier of the accusation that I had burgled O’Looney’s car?

July 21,22. Like other weekends, collected signatures for Doherty both days (Sat. & Sun.)

July 27. Sent Cong. Fawell signed letters re Doherty from his constituents (also Hyde letter and Score Card). Also to Congs. Cardiss Collins and Sydney Yates.

Sept. 12. Agt. Buckley phoned, said he wants info on Tom Lane and DMF unit; I phoned Brehon Law Soc.

Oct. 3. Immigration bill passed 231 to 192.

Oct. 6. Re Sen. Simon, discussed with State Rep McNamara the pattern of sabotage by Jerry and his group, followed by usurpation of credit if we succeeded despite his sabotage. Simon’s sign-on for Doherty would be known only by Simon, Prof. Boyle, and McN and they would release it to me. Also discussed immigration & Simon.

Oct. 16. Having caused Cong. Bill Lipinski and Sen. Simon to back away on the days of their scheduled sign-ons for Doherty, Jerry Boyle apologizes to McNamara for causing Simon’s retreat and for trying to usurp credit for the sign-on.

Oct. 26, 27. Completed weekly pickets for Dessie Ellis in front of Irish consulate. Distributed Honor Rolls to all Irish taverns.

Nov. 10. (Sat). Birmingham Six rally

Nov. 23. Agt. Buckley phoned. I remind him that he ought to be pursuing criminals, including the SAS assassins of John McEntyre. Offered him 20 tix to “Hidden Agenda,” a Ken Loach film about official British crime in Occupied Ireland.   


We continue our Irish freedom efforts all year on weekends and evenings.

Complete (mm/dd/yy) dates below are exclusively of the City of Chicago MacBride Campaign of 1991-1992.  Other issues are indicated by other than mm/dd/yy date formats.   

2/21/91 The ChiMacB campaign starts when we deliver a copy of the proposed New York State MacBride text to Alderman Eddie Burke and request that he spearhead a similar Chicago one. He had been a staunch supporter of Irish victims of British injustice; having passed some helpful resolutions. 

Mar. 14. Birmingham 6 released after 16 years of wrongful imprisonment based on tortured “confessions.”

4/29/91 We forward to Eddie Burke the newly-enacted New York MacBride law as an improved model. Campaigners start phoning and writing City Hall urging passage.

7/1/91 Burke’s office advises us that Mayor Daley wishes to spearhead MacBride; that he sees it as politically “all win; no lose.” Therefore we forward to Daley the entire sheaf of background material including the New York State MacBride law and urge prompt action.

8/11/91 Getting worried due to mayoral foot-dragging; are instructed to contact Aide Tim Degnan. We forward a copy of the newly-published Directory of Discrimination to Degnan and the Mayor, and urge action. They advise us to start a phone campaign, designating No. 744-2467 for that purpose. We are baffled as to why, after the massive State of Illinois MacBride victory, Daley would require proof that MacBride support exists; but we organize a massive phone-in campaign.

Nov.10 (Sun.) 1991: During a regular Friends of Irish Freedom meeting in Mary Conway’s apartment adjacent to her Irish Wolfhound tavern at 3734 No. Milwaukee Ave., my Mary alerts me to new member John Tuttle whose actions alarm her. He appears to be aiming a weapon at our chairman, John Heneghan. I immediately reach out, deflect his aim downward, and feel something.  Inaccessible through his pockets, I cut it out of his coat. It appears to be some sort of machine pistol but turns out to be a sophisticated recording device. He also has a radio transmitter concealed in his clothing. Feeling threatened, we leave. On our way out we pass three or four heavily armed, sweat-suited men coming in. We later learn that Agent Buckley is among them. We debate whether to call the police on FBI criminals, but decide that our safety is best secured by going home and informing the news media. I spend much of the night writing and faxing out an account of the crimes.  

Nov. 11. In the morning FBI crash through our door pointing guns at us. Four or five of them perp-walk us out of our building, drive us, handcuffed, to FBI HQ, and thence to incarceration in the Federal Correctional Center at Clark and VanBuren.

Nov. 13, About 7 p.m. We are free on bond, $100,000 (10% in cash) for me, $50,000 (10% in cash) for Mary, the title to Frank O’Neill’s house for him, and $1,000 cash for Tony McCormick. Mary had hunger-struck her entire three days of incarceration.  

Nov. 16. FBI team of 14 or 15 agents raid our home, corral Mary and me into a corner, respond to our questions by brandishing their weapons, and prohibit us to phone anyone. After an hour they allow us to phone an attorney. Two agents spent all their time on my computer; others ransack everything, empty our aspirin bottles, and eventually cart three or four cartloads of my property away (keeping it until a court ordered them to return it some eighteen months later).  It was clearly a “fishing” expedition; regarding some financial statements one exclaimed; “Boy, won’t the IRS be interested in this!” One or more of them evidently find the only oil spill in our building’s basement garage, stepped into it, ruined our carpets with it, and later refused to pay the $350 it cost us to have them cleaned.

Upon bonding out I seek attorneys for all of us; ultimately getting two each for three of us and one for Mary. Later, DJ’s Lumpen Times smear articles falsely claimed that only Mary and I had two attorneys. A careful read of those Lumpen articles will show that “DJ” and others were warning lawyers away from us, on the basis of his repeated assertions that we are “deep-cover” operatives for those railroading us. Unknown to us Jerry insinuates himself into our case. When we find out we inform our attorneys about him and tell them to bar him. We never did find a lawyer to take our water-tight case for damages against the MI5/FBI agents who had fabricated evidence and committed perjury to railroad us in two separate cases. All four of us needed lawyers for damages done to us in the non-capital-crime case, and I further needed one for damages done to me in being framed for the Langert triple-murder (actually two 1st degrees, and one homicide).

10/17/91 British agent Ken Bloomfield visits Chicago and is given extensive coverage in the Chicago Tribune; likewise British spokesmen Peter Brooks and Conor Cruise O’Brien, a few days later. Daley and Degnan are avoiding us.

11/18/91 A leaked British internal government document reveals that MacBride legislation, and it alone, is alleviating job discrimination in Occupied Ireland. We distribute copies to all 50 aldermen.

12/17/91 Obstructionism from the Mayor’s office. They also refuse to release to us a copy of the list of our people who had phoned the designated number. We feel compelled to abandon the phone campaign (the existence of which City officials are denying) and start a more expensive letter-writing campaign which they won’t be able to deny.


All this year we and our attorneys struggle against MI5/FBI efforts to railroad us.  The clout of our very conscientious and hard-working attorneys make a big difference.

??/??/92: The Mayor‘s office advises that because Democratic Alderman O’Connor is running against Irish-surnamed Republican States Attorney Patrick O’Malley the Democrats need an “edge” with the Irish vote; and will we thus allow O’Connor to spearhead the City of Chicago MacBride ordinance? We respond affirmatively; and the Mayor’s office forwards the MacBride documents to O’Connor.

??/??/92: We work for O’Connor in the run-up to the primary; which he wins.

2/13/92 O’Connor informs us at a public meeting that the Irish Consul General is taking over from the Friends of Irish Freedom as grass-roots MacBride organizer and will designate the proponent testifiers at the hearing. Shocked; we immediately inform those present that the previous Irish Consul General Peter Gunning, as first-ever MacBride testifier in Springfield, had testified on Britain’s side, against us.  

2/24/92 We inform the community of the Irish Consul General’s past performance, and they refuse to collaborate with him, and don’t attend the hearing. Being unprepared, we attend in the Council chambers and ask Alderman O’Connor to postpone the hearing, but he says it cannot be postponed. Shortly thereafter Eddie Burke announces his “pleasure” that a “representative of Her Majesty’s government is present and has requested time to study the ordinance” and to fly in British witnesses. This British request to postpone is granted.

3/13/92 O’Connor mails us the draft MacBride text that he proposes to introduce for passage. It has been rewritten so extensively that we can barely recognize it as the one we originally sent in; but it is still borderline acceptable.

3/17/92 Belfast visitors Monsignor Dallat and Aiden Canavan debate me on Radio WBEZ. They oppose MacBride; I’m in favor. The tape of the show becomes a sensation in Belfast because on it the Monsignor utters blatant, Pro-British lies. Belfast people write to City Hall urging passage. Meanwhile British Consul General Mingay is writing to Mayor Daley, essentially dictating to him as to where to insert which words into our proposed MacBride ordinance.

3/24/92 MacBride hearing in the Chicago City Council. Eleven of us testify in favor; three Brits against. One of the three is Sidley & Austin Lawyer Mary Dempsey who, on behalf of IBM, makes her few dollars by selling out. IBM soon apologized but Dempsey was further rewarded by being made “Tsarina” of Chicago’s Public Library System. We already have the necessary aldermanic votes, but, inexplicably, it is not voted on but is sent to committee.

6/12/92 We receive another MacBride version from O’Connor, and discover that Principle No. 1 and other vital parts have been gutted. I write asking him who did it.

6/13/92 O’Connor phones while we are talking with a MacBride attorney/advocate; we make it a conference call. We notify O’Connor that his current proposed MacBride text appears to be a British revision, and ask him who got all the money. O’Connor denies having received any; but says that maybe Mayor Daley did. We get more people to phone O’Connor.

6/19/92: Daley betrays Chicago but we don’t know it until later.

6/20/92 We toughen up our phone messages to City Hall and start saying; “We will vote for O’Connor if he supports MacBride; against him if he doesn’t”

7/8/92 Fax from O’Connor; a hearing “sometime this Fall.”

8/10/92 We fax to O’Connor our attempts to salvage the draft ordinance that has been gutted yet again. Various such attempts during this period. O’Connor remains evasive.

8/18/92 Another “Substitute Ordinance” mailed from O’Connor is very weak. We attempt to salvage it, by yet again, editing and faxing it back to O’Connor.

9/8/92: Another British version received from O’Connor.

9/18/92 Having given up on trying to salvage the draft ordinance, I hand-carry from Springfield the “Francis Boyle” draft MacBride which is a combination of existing Chicago Anti-Apartheid ordinance. (While on a temporary church design project in Savoy, near Springfield, I bring Francis a MacBride text, asking him to toughen it, and picked it up from him a day or two later.) It isn’t ideal but, as Britain has so many allies, we feel that we can prevail only with a MacBride text drafted verbatim from existing law.

10/1/92 Receive from O’Connor yet another “Substitute Ordinance” and a notice of a 10/13 hearing in City Hall where he will introduce it. This ordinance text proves to be useless, the most thoroughly gutted of them all.

10/11/92 We notify O’Connor by fax that the text he proposes to introduce has been gutted and that we will attend the hearings, but as opponents of passage. He faxes his response that his 10/11/92 ordinance text was an error and that the 10/13/92 hearing is postponed.

10/13/92 The City announces future MacBride hearings in a Chicago suburb to get “community input.” All campaigners understand that this is a new delaying action.

10/14/92 We fax a letter of termination to Alderman O’Connor, and start over; searching for an honest Chicago alderman to spearhead it.

12/2/92 We tentatively select Alderman Thomas Murphy and hand him the sheaf of MacBride document, the background data, and the Freedom of Information documents in which British Consul General Mingay dictates to Chicago City officials his ordinance-gutting words and phrases. We ask Murphy to do the right thing; to spearhead our new, clean MacBride text through to enactment as drafted. After some days’ reflection (and promises of votes from his colleagues) he agrees to do so. When the British Consul General, in his Jaguar, visits Tom in his ward office, the BS is given short shrift.  


On Jan. 15 we walk out of Federal Court, vindicated. We had faced many years of railroaded imprisonment. Through the right of “Discovery” our attorneys had managed to get the  audio-tape evidence the FBI were going to use against us). It proved to be a criminal fabrication. Their audio-tape was now their only resource. “Cooperating Witness” John Tuttle, after keeping Agent Buckley busy all year springing him from area lock-ups for serious crimes, crashed a car in Minnesota that he had stolen in Chicago. The FBI had excised about an hour from the tape, including our entire business meeting that would have proved our innocence, spliced the remainder of the tape, added to it the words, “sixteen forty-eight,” made a copy of it, and fraudulently presented it to the court as the original. The “sixteen forty-eight“ was cunningly inserted to defend themselves against the charge of “doctoring” the tape, except that we found the words prior to the trial and nailed them.

 None of those many FBI crimes were ever prosecuted. For his MI5 handlers Buckley went on to greater crimes in Omagh and the Special Criminal Court in Dublin. Having helped MI5 to arrange the 15Aug98 Omagh atrocity (29 murdered) to be blamed, like the Langert murders, on the IRA, they got control of an IRA bomb, had it transported in Paddy Dixon’s car to the site, tracking the wired car-bomb by U.S. satellite every yard of the way. Omagh was “the (British) bomb to end all bombs.” MI5/Buckley, using the same means (mass murder, evidence fabrication, and perjury) that had failed twice against us in Chicago, managed to blame the IRA for a British atrocity, and it cinched the British-written Good Friday Agreement. The atrocity’s success demanded rare collaboration: the Omagh RUC had to “lose” the audiotape of the warning phone call, then had to “lose” the log-book into which they transcribed the call. The government’s Paddy Dixon had to “disappear.”

Ordinary persons couldn’t be trusted to participate in the crucially-important frame-up of McKevitt, so no jury heard the evidence. Instead, a three-judge panel constituted the “trial” of McKevitt; three judges who, before the 2003 trial, witness David Rupert told a Chicago reporter, “…had been selected by the government, so neither the evidence nor my testimony will make any difference.” In other words, “the fix was in.” That statement by Rupert was read into the faces of the three judges, but they didn’t flinch.

For MI5/FBI agent Buckley, his latest accomplice, life-long criminal David Rupert, and their British handlers, Omagh was “mission accomplished.” With the help of the news media it was blamed on the IRA, was used to demonize them, and thus drove home the Good Friday Agreement that required the sign-over of the Six Counties to Britain. While framing Michael McKevitt in 2003 in Dublin “for Omagh,” Buckley openly collaborated with his MI5 handlers to whom, in Federal Court in Chicago, he denied any connection whatever.

During McKevitt’s “trial” Rupert “testified” that Buckley had left him in Ireland to briefly fly to the Olympics bombing in Atlanta. There, Buckley and his FBI colleagues framed yet another innocent, Security Guard Richard Jewell who, before dying young, was vindicated and awarded some $2.9 million in compensation.

To learn why we couldn’t find a lawyer to take our watertight cases for damages against MI5/FBI see the accompanying Lumpen smear articles explaining that “the word was out that the FBI crimes against Chris and Mary were perpetrated only to deepen their cover as FBI operatives.”  

2/10/93 Alderman Tom Murphy introduces MacBride in City Council. His aldermanic co-sponsors, to whom we must also be forever grateful, are Mazola, Haithcock, Beavers, Dixon, Buchanan, Huels, Madrzyk, Jones, Coleman, Rugai, Laski, Bialczak, Mell, Doherty, Hansen, Shiller, Schulter, M. Smith, and Moore. Notice the absence of Burke and O’Connor. However, it passed unanimously. Though Mayor Richard M. Daley, Aldermen Eddie Burke and Pat O’Connor , and City Corporation Counsel Kelly Welsh all sold out, we don’t consider them real evildoers, as there’s no presumption of honesty from pols. All the more reason to celebrate the honest ones, like Alderman (now Judge)Tom Murphy and his co-sponsors  We also must remember with gratitude ex-Illinois Rep. John McNamara, his co-sponsors, and his colleagues who listened to their constituents and their consciences and enacted Illinois MacBride.     

5/11/93 The Chicago MacBride ordinance becomes effective.

June, 93: The Lumpen Times runs a three page smear article. Its most destructive claim is that MI5/FBI’s double series of crimes against Mary and me is to provide deeper cover for us as agents. I don’t learn about it until Jerry Boyle tries to get the Irish Echo newspaper in New York to re-publish it for national distribution. For many reasons, we are certain that the author can be none other than Jerry himself though the nom de plume is “Diamond Jack” the nick-name of his side-kick, Jack Solbrig. Jerry keeps his “fingerprints” off his deeds by working through others. He doesn’t say in print that he is one’s lawyer, but those to whom he verbally indicates such have put it in print, so that Jerry’s group of smear artists and the Lumpen publisher/editor all write that Jerry is their lawyer.  

The dishonesty of the smears’ author and publisher is made clear when I write my objections to the smears. They publish what they claim is my letter, but it’s missing all of its key points. For the rest of 1993 and into 1994 they publish a series of similar smears.

Winter of 2011-2012 The Lumpen Times republishes its smears against us.    

The complete records of the City of Chicago and State of Illinois campaigns for the Birmingham Six, Bloody Sunday, MacBride (State and City), Joe Doherty,etc., are safe. We repeat our invitation to researchers; the records remain open and available.

The Bloody Sunday campaign is only touched on above. The British government didn’t openly oppose it so it proceeded smoothly; mostly via annual municipal resolutions demanding justice for the murders of the fourteen human rights marchers in Derry. Efforts for the Birmingham Six, Guildford Four, and Dessie Ellis did not require legislation, and were not impeded.

See Illinois Federal Scorecard For Irish-American Issues as of the conclusion of some of the issues. A similar scorecard for Illinois legislators is on file.

By Chris Vice-Chair FOIF Illinois; and Mary (O’Sullivan) Fogarty, Sec; Tel. 312/664-7651, fogartyc@att.net

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