Though many such as the late lamented Frank O’Neill were always actively seeking justice for the Occupied Irish, the mass of Irish-Illinois were first moved to activism in 1969. That’s when Britain’s policy of broad-daylight shooting down of human rights demonstrators, its denial of the vote, its policy of internment without charge, its policy of torture, etc., first prompted Irish-America to become active. In 1973 Irish-American interest increased when Britain intensified its job denial policy against Catholics upon the latters’s achieving, after a bloodily- suppressed five year campaign, the right to vote. The 1981 Hunger Strikes and Thatcher’s responses to them proved the greatest motivator of Irish-America. Though tens of thousands of participating Irish-Illinoisans achieved whatever success there was; it’s been suggested that we provide some personal data to enliven these historical facts. (In any event there are reasons why the Brits targeted us with their crimes.)

Our personal data: Mary Fogartry came to Chicago from Co. Limerick in 1956 and worked for PanAm for thirty years. I, Chris Fogarty, was born in Chicago and moved to Ireland in 1946 with my family. My parents bought a farm outside Castlerea, Co. Roscommon where I attended school and worked until I returned to Chicago in January, 1954. I soon became a carpenter, mostly on single-family houses, and the following year began buying lots and building and selling my own. I began studying engineering in 1958 until drafted, served in France in 1959-1960, graduated, and worked for U.S. Gypsum Co. before moving to Puerto Rico and founding San Juan Piledriving Corp through which I constructed mostly marine projects in P.R., the Virgin Islands, Antigua, Trinidad, and then-British Guiana. After returning to Chicago I supervised the construction of sixty-nine residential units on the near north side, I bought and rehabbed a thirteen-flat in Uptown. Upon selling it I visited my brother in Singapore and became an engineer on Roy M. Hufington’s new 12,000 sq. mi. oil and gas concession in East Kalimantan, Borneo. After two years there I joined Harza Engineering Co. a Chicago-based designer of hydroelectric projects where I spent six years, part of that time on projects in Central and South America. The following year, for a consortium designing and managing the O’Hare Airport Expansion, I was Project Manager of construction of O’Hare’s Southeast Services Area. Later, for Leo Michuda & Co, I converted an abandoned Jewel food Store into the West Side Learning Center of Malcolm X at about 4600 W. Madison in Chicago. My last job in semi-retirement was as instructor at Prologue’s Westside Youthbuild; preparing drop-outs for gainful employment. Mary and I remain volunteers for Prologue.

We learn of injustice. Mary and I first became active in human rights efforts when I worked in El Nispero, Santa Barbara, Honduras in the late 1970s. The death rate of local children impelled us to contact doctor-friends in Chicago. We would bring crates of medicines from Chicago when traveling. We continued this when I worked in El Salvador. When the one-roomed, thatched school in nearby San Lorenzo collapsed leaving the local children without education for well over a year, I organized the construction of a replacement school and Mary and I donated the main funding of it. After our work-day my fellow engineers designed, and my project contractor donated much material toward it. Upon completion 180 children re-enrolled, and Mary and I, through Padre Bravo of nearby Mercedes Umana parish, donated the required 180 sets of books.

We learn of British crimes in Occupied Ireland. After diversion of the Rio Lempa (through the completed $300 million hydroelectric dam and powerhouse) my mission as Resident Engineer ended and I returned to Chicago. Soon after returning I wrote my paternal grandfather’s biography (1839-1925), relying heavily upon official records kept in Britain’s then Public Record Office (PRO) in Kew, Sussex. These records were the source of the never- before-published data I put into my “Mass Graves of Ireland; 1845-1850” pamphlet and, for the past 15 years, my website What I had learned caused me to more carefully scrutinize current Anglo-Irish events. During repeated visits to Britain’s PRO (now The National Archives) I acquired records that reveal that more than half of Britain’s then-empire army had participated in that genocide of 1845-1850 by removing, at gunpoint, Ireland’s food. Thus made aware of centuries-long wrongdoing by Britain in Ireland I contacted the Irish Consul General in Chicago about the Birmingham Six whose convictions were rumored (correctly) to be based upon confessions tortured out of them. (He responded by muttering “terrorism, terrorism” clearly impugning the B-6.) Mary and I met Frank O’Neill, the life-long advocate of justice and freedom for the Occupied Irish, and slowly learned; changing our minds only upon receipt of irrefutable evidence.

We become active. Mary and I participated toward the tail-end of the failed effort to get a good US-UK extradition treaty. A letter of mine published in the ChiTrib brought an invitation to join the Chicago Northside branch of the Irish American Unity Conference (IAUC) under whose aegis Mary and I began to work. My fellow members voted me their chairman, and repeated the honor for some years, while we led (guided by State Rep John McNamara) the successful Illinois MacBride Principles campaign through to enactment. Upon enactment we began to campaign for the release of the wrongfully-imprisoned Ex-IRA man Joe Doherty. Here on you will learn the details of these and other campaigns for Irish freedom.

The British gov’t begins to attack us. Around this time sabotages of our work became frequent but we did not know that the British government was behind them. We traced a series of smears to Dan Lydon, Maureen O’Looney and a few individuals around them and Jerry Boyle. You will see in chicagomole how they routinely sabotaged our campaigns, and when we won despite them they publicly claimed credit for our achievement. The Brits kept their hands hidden except when they had to publicly testify in opposition to enactment in the Illinois and City of Chicago legislatures of the MacBride Campaign for Fair Employment in Northern Ireland. Ditto re Irish-America’s attempt to get justice for ex-IRA-man Joe Doherty, the U.S.-U.K. Extradition Treaty, etc. When FBI agent Joe Doyle alerted us that some of his FBI colleagues had been bribed and subverted by Britain’s MI5 and were planning crimes against us to silence us but that he couldn’t do anything to stop them it seemed that his warning must be mistaken or exaggerated. But his warning proved true when MI5/FBI crimes against us began weeks later as you will learn in chicagomole. Most of Britain’s other skullduggery was done for it by the above-named individuals. They contacted out-of-towners insisting that I had not been elected but had usurped authority. When, for Britain, they fraudulently persuaded out-of-towners to disband our IAUC branch, they then used that disbandment to get the ChiTrib and Sun-Times to cease publishing my letters. By reading the published letters in the FBI files herein you will see why Britain wanted them stopped – they expose hypocrisy and uphold justice.

MI5/FBI perpetrate crimes against us to silence us. In the body of Chicagomole you will see that gov’t officials of Britain and Ireland opposed our efforts, and their MI5 and FBI went so far as to perpetrate felony crimes against us.

The MI5/FBI crimes;

1) MI5/FBI framed me for the massacre of the Langert family in Winnetka; people I’d never even heard of prior to the news of their deaths. Meanwhile FBI agent Buckley ordered the North Shore police to pursue me and others while he prohibited the police from investigating the murderer; David Biro, whose murder weapon was FBI agent Lewis’ 357 Magnum. (I might owe my life to Biro; he saved me by blabbing through his FBI cover into Life Without Parole, and remains in Downstate Pontiac prison.) 2) An MI5/FBI gang led by Buckley crashed through our door; aimed guns at our heads, handcuffed Mary and me and wrongfully incarcerated us in Chicago’s Federal Correctional Center. Were we poor we’d have gone straight from that federal jail, to trial, to prison for perhaps the rest of our lives. Also wrongfully arrested and incarcerated that day were our fellow-activists Frank O’Neill and Tony McCormick, both, alas, now dead.

3) The FBI fabricated evidence in their attempt to imprison us for their MI5 handlers. After 15 months of pre- trial motions in Federal Court (Judge George Lindberg) we proved that their only evidence against us was a criminally fabricated FBI audiotape, and all four of us were free. But so were the criminals. 4) MI5/FBI agent Buckley and life-long criminal David Rupert then went to Ireland where they managed to get control of an IRA bomb with which they arranged the murder of 29 innocents in Omagh, to be blamed, like the FBI did regarding the Winnetka atrocity, on the IRA. 5) Buckley committed perjury in Federal Court when he denied any connection to MI5. (We observed him later in Dublin’s Special Criminal Court in close working association with his MI5 handlers. Using the same criminal means that had failed against us in Chicago MI5/FBI managed to convict Michael McKevitt for the Omagh bombing that they, themselves, had gone to Ireland to arrange, and to blame it, like the Langert murders, on the IRA. There were many more corollary crimes perpetrated by MI5/FBI to bolster these main ones. The following crime by Buckley was not directed against us or the cause of Ireland. 6) FBI agent Buckley later led or at least participated in the framing of Security Guard Richard Jewell for the Atlanta Olympics bombing. Jewell later received a few $million in compensation but died soon thereafter. Buckley’s part in the Jewell frame-up was revealed by life-long criminal and paid MI5/FBI accomplice David Rupert. Rupert, while testi-lying against McKevitt told the court that Buckley left him in Ireland while he flew Atlanta to “investigate” that bombing.

The key fact: In you will see the British gov’t’s hand exposed. You will see that one of Britain’s long-time Chicago assets, Jerry Boyle, was so confident in his lawyerly abilities that he plausibly portrays, in a professionally-footnoted series of articles in The Lumpen Times, the proven, blatant, MI5/FBI crimes against us as their “deepening of cover” for Mary and me. Boyle’s claim is that we were/are the British assets, not he. In you will see proof that when Britain’s Chicago assets would fail to quash one of our efforts they routinely claimed credit for its success for themselves. You will see the proof that Maureen O’Looney, British asset (and decade-long weekly confidant of criminal FBI agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley) repeatedly and fraudulently announced that our successes had been achieved by her collaborators after their sabotages had failed. You will see that O’Looney fraudulently announced over her radio show that Dan Lydon had achieved a deed of ours that, confronted, he admitted having nothing to do with. You will read the correspondence about it and the recantation she was subsequently forced to announce on air. You will see the letter that fraudulently announced that Jerry Boyle’s side-kick, Jack Solbrig, was the person who had persuaded Cong. Henry Hyde to write a crucial letter to USAG Thornburgh regarding the wrongful 9-year imprisonment of Joe Doherty without charges. (Solbrig had absolutely nothing to do with it.) You will learn of O’Looney’s part, along with Dan Lydon, in getting Chicago Sun-Times chief editor Ray Coffey to kill a report by his Reporter, John Stebbins, a report that we believe would have freed Doherty if published.

You will discover why Chicago’s human rights law firms wouldn’t take our watertight case for damages against the criminal FBI agents. Jerry Boyle, in his Lumpen articles details how he poisoned them against us. You will read Boyle’s own account of how he, together with FBI Agent Buckley and TV’s Carol Marin, tried to connect me to the Langert massacre. You will see how the Winnetka police, under Agent Buckley’s direction, framed me for it. You will read the transcript of the FBI’s fabricated audiotape evidence of their attempt to imprison my Mary, Frank O’Neill, Tony McCormick and me; the same fraudulent evidence upon which they incarcerated us in Chicago’s Federal Correctional Center at Clark and VanBuren Streets.

You will read how Jerry Boyle, secured the pro-bono help of his boss, Sam Vinson, for the Illinois MacBride campaign. You will read the contract Vinson soon signed with the British gov’t to lead opposition to its enactment. . (State Rep John McNamara steadily led us to victory despite their opposition.)

You will learn about a heroic Chicago Alderman; now-Judge Thomas Murphy, and how he spearheaded MacBride through to enactment in the Chicago City Council. Murphy’s high standards are particularly notable because he

led MacBride through to enactment after Richie Daley, Aldermen Burke and O’Connor, as you will see, were sabotaging enactment along with the British Consul General and Jerry Boyle and a group of lawyers Boyle had subverted. You will read correspondence between British Consul General Mingay and Richie Daley in which Mingay dictates to Daley what words to delete and insert in our proposed City MacBride text, and Daley’s servile responses. You will see how both British and “Irish” consuls general, their few corrupted aldermen, and Jerry Boyle attempted to usurp control of our MacBride campaign. You will read my correspondence with Alderman Pat O’Connor showing my growing alarm at his maneuvers for the Brits and my letter dismissing O’Connor as the City council’s spearheader of MacBride, followed by my successful request to Alderman Murphy to replace him.

Most importantly of all, you will read of Boyle’s utterly false but impressively footnoted articles in the Lumpen Times that “prove” that Mary and I were/are operating “deep cover” for the Brits against Irish freedom. As “proof” of that false claim he points to an FBI Immunity Certificate given to him by the FBI. You will see it. You will note that Boyle’s LT articles were written without a single quote from any of our attorneys. Boyle had to cover up the fact that we continually pursued prosecution of those MI5/FBI criminals. Correspondence between us and our attorneys make that clear. You will read my two-way correspondence with U.S. Judge George Lindberg wherein I repeatedly demand that he notify law enforcement of the crimes perpetrated in front of him by FBI agent Buckley. Seeking legal representation to sue those criminals for damages we contacted the ACLU, the American Bar Association, and scores of law firms in Chicago and nationwide. You will read our one-page hand-outs publicizing the FBI’s crimes against us in our efforts to get the news media, lawyers, the judiciary and pols to uphold justice for us. Mary and I have repeatedly recounted those MI5/FBI crimes against us on CAN-TV shows that were aired and re-aired for months. We got news media in Ireland and the internet to publicize the similarity between MI5/FBI crimes against us (including their involvement in the Langert massacre) and those they later perpetrated in Omagh and against Michael McKevitt. Remember our attempts to get MI5/FBI’s crimes prosecuted as you read Boyle’s LT articles that “prove” that we, not he, works for them. Once you grasp how ludicrous is that claim by Boyle you will also see how effective a saboteur he has been for the Brits for many years.

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