How Jerry Boyle, as covertly as possible, and while MI5/FBI was framing us, sabotaged our campaigns for Irish freedom and justice.  

 Chris Fogarty, April 11, 2012

Jerry Boyle’s known collaborators are/were Maureen O’Looney, Jack Solbrig, Dan Lydon, Sheila McCone, and to a lesser extent Jeanne Bishop Clarizio, Channel 5’s Carol Marin, Pat Hennessy and Patrick Boylan. MI5/FBI agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley perpetrated many felony crimes against us prior to, during, and subsequent to his regular visits with Maureen O’Looney but we do not know of direct ties he may have had with Jerry. Participants in others of Jerry’s attacks on us are unnamed here, as they were probably deceived by him. (Jerry’s collaborators, including Lumpen Times’ editor, name Jerry as their lawyer, and we believe that Jerry, on behalf of MI5/FBI, is the author of the Lumpen smears .) By “my,” “us,” or “our” I mean me personally or my group.  

Late 1980s: Maureen O’Looney, while meeting regularly with MI5/FBI Agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley, spreads smears about me. We don’t learn until much later of Jerry’s involvement with her.

August, 1987: We don’t know it at the time; but in Part 1, column 3 of (Jerry’s?) Lumpen Times smears published in 1993, he reveals his involvement in getting Carol Marin of Channel 5 to make us seem to be Moonies and FBI collaborators. He reveals disappointment that the Moonie event is attended by eminent pols (Hyde, Kemp, Kirkpatrick) as their presences render mine less exploitable by him and Carol Marin.

March 2, 1988. Jerry notifies us that his boss, Sam Vinson, will no longer work with us to get Illinois MacBride enacted, that he will be working for the Brits against us

Late 1980s: Jerry promotes (creates?) a new “Drumm, Markievicz, Farrell” unit of Irish Northern Aid. All but one of its members are non-Irish, uninformed on Irish issues, and part of Jerry’s Lumpen milieu. By their weird clothing, multi-colored hair, tattoos, face jewelry, the large, red Communist flag they wave, and their hostile attitudes, they alienate bystanders and sabotage any cause they ostensibly promote. They talk loudly through the U.S. national anthem and refuse to stand for it. When in parades they respond to jeers with obscene gestures, all while carrying placards for Joe Doherty or some other Irish cause.   

Jan- April, 1989: Jerry’s allies Lydon and O’Looney persuade Sun-Times editor Ray Coffey to kill the first truth-telling, mass-media story about Joe Doherty (the story we expected to free him). The reporter was separated from the paper soon after his story was suppressed.     

Feb. 26, 1989: Jerry and his group attend our Doherty rally at Heritage Center but organize a partly successful refusal to pay the $5 admission (a failed attempt to provoke violence). Confronted later; Jerry gives us a $225 check to reimburse the loss.   

March 23, 1989: The day before Cong. Lipinski (Jerry’s Rep) is scheduled to sign on for Joe Doherty (who has been incarcerated for nine years in the U.S. without charge), Jerry phones Lipinski Aide Chris Smith and tells him that Doherty is a terrorist, thus causing cancelation of Lipinski’s sign-on. (See paragraph 5 of my draft memo to Jerry.) Within hours, when Mary phoned Jerry to learn why, Jerry claimed that he had NOT told Smith that Doherty is a terrorist; but “that the IRA is a terrorist organization.” It took us quite a bit more work (collecting yet more constituent signatures on letters and forwarding them to Lipinski) to overcome Jerry’s phone call. Having thus blocked a valuable signature, Jerry simultaneously communicates with Doherty posturing as having lined up the Illinois pols to sign on for Doherty and that we are sabotaging HIS campaign. Jerry has no workers, and isn’t doing the indispensable constituent work himself.  

April, 1989: When I arrange for Rev. Prof. Kinsella of Loyola U to meet with Sen. Phil Rock regarding Joe Doherty, and Kinsella suggests bringing a knowledgeable lawyer, despite my misgivings, I phone Jerry who says he’ll attend. A day or so later Jerry phones to say that Fr. Kinsella has asked him to bring Sheila McCone instead of me. See paragraph 4 of Draft Memo linked to above “Jerry phones Lipinski…”.) I promptly visit Kinsella who says he doesn’t know any Sheila McCone and never said such a thing. Meeting is killed; he has been spooked by Jerry. Later, Jerry tells me I have a choice: believe either him or Fr. Kinsella.

May 17, 1989: Jerry’s ally O’Looney announces on air that Dan Lydon got the City Council to issue Free Joe Doherty resolutions. Station WSBC management later forced O’Looney to issue on-air apologies after Lydon admitted he had nothing to do with the resolutions. To grasp the low cunning, compare this announcement to the above Jan-April, Feb. 26, and March 23, 1989 events. Meanwhile Jerry communicates with Doherty and Doherty’s attorney that he, Jerry, is performing the work but is obstructed by US. Posing as Doherty’s local spokesperson, Jerry informs the news media that four Illinois U.S. Congressmen have signed on at a time when we already have ten signed on. He also misnamed the bill’s sponsors, thus creating problems for us by angering the sponsors.

About this time Jerry finally stopped “explaining” and denying, and said; “Chris; you don’t get it. I’m a pro at this. This is what I do for a living; I’m a trial attorney; I persuade people. No matter what evidence you have on me I’ll still win; you’ll lose.”  

July 5, 1989 is the publication date of the last of thirteen of my letters published in the Chicago Tribune since October 20, 1987, and kept by the FBI in its file on me. Through the Freedom of Information  Act (FOIA)/Bivens I get them. Their significance to MI5 is thus confirmed. It also must be about this date that the Brits, through Jerry’s small group, succeed in stopping local publication of my letters.  

April 7, 1990: In Winnetka, the Langert family, people I’d never even heard of, are murdered. The Lumpen articles indicate its author’s role in implicating me in it via Marin.

April 23, 1990: The Lumpen author’s (and Agent Buckley’s) acquaintance Carol Marin of Channel 5 teaser-announces “IRA Death Threats and the Winnetka Murders!” Jerry’s group promptly adds “IRA Hit-Man” to their list of smears against me. (See Lumpen smears Part 2, Cols. 2 and 3) FBI Agent Buckley cunningly frames me for it while prohibiting local police from investigating the actual murderer, David Biro, whose murder weapon is FBI Lewis’ 357 Magnum. Directed by Agent Buckley, police officer Schimian seeks to interrogate me, claiming a similar modus operandus in the Langert murders and “the burglary of O’Looney’s car.” Schimian reveals a personal link from the bogus car break-in claim to the Langert “investigators.” Those Buckley-directed murder “investigators” produce reports as cunning in their attacks on me as the Lumpen articles and manage to frame me for those murders.  Later, murderer Biro saves me by blabbing through his FBI cover into Life Without Parole for two first degree murders and one homicide.

May, 1990: Chicago Magazine writer Bruce Rubinstein visits but seems to want only to throw muck. It turns out that he was sent by Jerry who then tells me it is going to be OK. Mary contacts the publisher of Chicago Magazine who embarrassedly assures her the story will not be published. A cleaned-up version is published in August.

June, 1990: Jerry gives a man (JH) known to be mentally delicate some papers that portray me as both Moonie and Nazi. Minutes before an IAUC election JH loudly accuses me of being a CIA agent and Moonie. Nevertheless, the membership re-elect me to the Chair. JH then writes to an IRA POW asking him to have his Chicago IRA contacts kill a CIA agent named Fogarty.

June 6, 1990: Jerry’s group repeatedly announces on Chicago Irish radio for an event (bogus) to “honor Jack Solbrig, the person responsible for convincing Congressman Henry Hyde to become an advocate for Joe Doherty.” Solbrig had had nothing whatever to do with it.

Oct. 5, 1990: Jerry interferes with Sen. Simon’s scheduled sign-on for Joe Doherty.  He phones Simon Aide Chris Dunne, asking for the letter to be released to him the moment it is signed. Due to prior destructive interferences followed by usurpations of credit for whatever they failed to block, I had kept it “hush-hush,” only three were privy; State Rep McNamara, Simon’s Aide, and Francis Boyle. It can only be Francis who informed Jerry. Jerry later apologized to McNamara for causing postponement of the signing.     

Late 1990: Jerry’s group operates its own campaign - of falsehood and slurs against us to out-of-towners. By turning truth on its head they manage to get out-of-towners to disband our Northside IAUC. They then leverage that disbandment into getting Chicago newspapers to stop publishing my letters. Later, the FBI file on me accessed via FOIA/Bivens, reveal that those letters, shown in the link at July 5, 1989 above were a main concern of MI5/FBI and thus Jerry’s group. When Agent Doyle informed Mary and me that MI5/FBI were planning crimes against us to silence us he didn’t know that their crimes would prove less effective than their smears/sabotages fronted by Boyle and O’Looney.

Nov. 11, 1991: FBI incarcerates Mary, Frank O’Neill, Tony McCormick, and me in the U.S. Correctional Center at Clark and VanBuren Sts. on charges that, on January 15, 1993 in Federal court, we prove are based upon a criminally-fabricated FBI evidentiary audiotape.

Sept 2 & 3, 1992: Jerry tries to insinuate himself into our legal defense team (while it defends us against FBI crimes). Once we learn of it we write him our demand that he stay away.  

1992-1994:  Once we ensure our vindication by proving that the FBI’s evidentiary audiotape is criminally fabricated, we search but fail to find legal representation for our water-tight case against the FBI for damages. Ms. Powers of Citizen’s Alert recommends Atty. Jeff Haas of People’s Law Office. Haas responds by asking Mary; “Isn’t there some talk about your being a front for the FBI?” He is “busy” and suggests contacting his partner, Peter Schmiedle, who never responds to any of our seven calls/faxes. We are mystified, until (Jerry?)_reveals his involvement. In Lumpen Part 2, Cols. 3 and 4 he writes “Interestingly, Fogarty initially tried to get the People (sic) Law Office and the West Town Law Office, who have defended so many political activists in Chicago in the past, to defend him, but the word was out on him when the bust went down.” Thus, Jerry’s(?) smear articles suggest it was his “word” that was “out” that we are Brit agents and WITH the FBI whose series of crimes against us served to “deepen our cover.”

Nov. 15, 1992: Jerry interferes in passage of Chicago MacBride by calling for a lawyers’ study of the British version. I counter his sabotage by dismissing Alderman O’Connor and giving the go-ahead to honest Alderman Tom Murphy who has the votes and promptly gets it passed – unanimously.  

Early June, 1993: Unknown to us, Jerry’s Lumpen Times newspaper publishes a three-page attack on Mary and me that provide multiple “proofs” that the MI5/FBI crimes against us were merely to deepen our cover as fellow agents covertly opposing Irish freedom. The author’s low cunning is revealed throughout the articles. Some articles include events involving only O’Looney, at least one involved only Solbrig, and most involved Jerry himself. There are many indicators that the Lumpen smears were a joint venture led by Jerry while nothing indicates otherwise.    

June 17, 1993: Irish Echo newspaper Editor Tom Connelly, having just assured us that “The Echo doesn’t publish this kind of thing” faxes us a copy of  the Lumpen smear articles that had been sent to him for publication by Echo Chicago rep Patrick Boylan at the behest of “one of the Boyle brothers; Jerry.” The printed series of smears can only be a joint effort. The primary purpose of the series is to wreck Irish freedom efforts in Illinois by making Mary and me seem to be agents working with the FBI AGAINST our actual mission. The series includes a great many “proofs” that the FBI was COVERING for us. One such “proof” is an Immunity Certificate that DJ falsely claims was issued to us at Christmas, 1992. In reality the prosecution continued against us until January 15, 1993 upon Attorney Peter McCabe’s introduction of our case-winning motion that exposed  the criminally-doctored FBI evidentiary audiotape and forced Prosecutor Fleissner to successfully plead Judge Lindberg to be allowed to drop all charges against all four of us.   

August, 1993: Despite our objections to Lumpen, it publishes Part 2 (three additional pages) of smears. It includes what it says is my letter of objection, but deceives readers by surreptitiously omitting from it, 1) Its most telling paragraph, and 2) its demand that they reveal Jerry’s role in the smears and in forwarding them to the Echo.

Early, 1994: Lumpen Times quarter-page article smears Mary and me.  

1994: “I Am Cain,” a book written with FBI input about the Langert murders smears me Lumpen-style. Though murderer Biro was already imprisoned, it continues to suggest my guilt, and promotes Jerry and group to the extent of printing Maureen O’Looney’s image-burnishing falsehood that her father had been killed by British soldiers but that she doesn’t condone violence. Ever the FBI-operatives, in the book Maureen falsely attributes violence to me, while Jerry portrays me as a coward and a sell-out.    

July, 1996: Lumpen Times half-page with photos of Mary and me, captioned: “Christopher Fogarty and Mary O’Sullivan, Agents Provocateur.” It is headed “First Shots,” and sub-headed: “Red Squad active in Chicago again; ‘Watch Out!’” and depicts four bullet holes. (In this context, note that Lumpen editors name Jerry as their lawyer.)

August, 1996: Lumpen eighth-page with photos of Mary and me labeling us “Agent Provocateurs Extraordinaire.”

Winter, 2011-2012: Lumpen republishes Part 1 of its 1993 smear articles. On its margin is newly printed: We publish our first controversial muckraking article: “The Conspiracy That Won’t Go Away: How the Moonies, Media, and FBI Derailed the Irish Liberation Front in Chicago”; written by the legendary Diamond Jack. The article outed a couple of agent provocateurs that destabilized many activist communities in Chicago. The accused called us incessantly and told us that our lives were in danger and after having our cars mysteriously sabotaged we got paranoid and had the offices swept for bugs by the Active Detective Agency. No bugs were found. We ran part 2 of the article. They stopped calling.

Winter, 2011-2012 issue, page 44, under June, 1993: Chris Fogarty, protagonist in this sordid tale of subversion, insists that our story is false and that he and his wife are in imminent danger. New to the game, we decide to act like journalists and check our sources.  

Winter 2011-2012 issue, page 44, under August, 1993: We decide Chris Fogarty is a Fed and Part 2 of “The Conspiracy That Won’t Go Away” is printed. “The Irish Echo calls to reprint the article.” (my underline) This is the reverse of the truth. Mary’s notes from Echo Chicago Rep Patrick Boylan at that time show that it was Jerry who had called him to get the Echo to re-publish the Lumpen smears. We possess the Lumpen cover and 3-page article that Echo Editor Tom Connelly faxed to us after assuring us that “The Echo doesn’t publish this sort of thing.”

Jerry’s most damaging and persistent attack upon us is that we are Brit agents, sabotaging Irish freedom efforts. Who is the Brit agent? The above list of crimes and sabotages reveal the answers; as do the Lumpen smears and the attempt to get them republished in the Echo. By their fruits ye shall know them. We welcome serious questions: Chris and Mary Fogarty, 900 No. Lake Shore Dr.; #1507, Chicago, IL 60611

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