Chris Fogarty, April 12, 2012

Reader; as you read the following; please remember that literally tens of thousands of Illinoisans of Irish descent participated in the campaigns we led. You will see how few were/are the saboteurs.

Seven Lumpen Times smear articles were published in 1993 and republished in the winter, 2011/2012 edition. We first learned of them when Irish Echo newspaper Chicago rep Patrick Boylan phoned to inform us that “One of the Boyle brothers, Jerry, is trying to get the Echo to publish a series of articles about you from the Lumpen Times.” The stated author of the series of smears is a “Diamond Jack,” ostensibly Jack Solbrig. We do not believe Solbrig wrote it. Hereinafter the smear author is referred to as “DJ.” Because of Jerry Boyle’s constant sabotage of our campaigns, the use of Jack Solbrig as the fraudulent stand-in claimant of credit for our successful winning over of Cong. Hyde for Joe Doherty, and as passive conduit for others’ smear campaigns, Jerry’s boss becoming a paid British opponent of the MacBride Principles. Jerry’s familiarity with many lawyers mentioned in the smears, the author’s proven ability to influence Channel 5’s decisions as to what constitutes news, Jerry’s contact with, legal support of, and resultant ability to persuade the few who participated in his obstruction/smear campaign, Jerry’s continuing close association with fellow saboteur/smear artist Maureen O’Looney despite her regular meetings for years (according to her shop assistants) with MI5/FBI agent Buckley prior to, during, and subsequent to Buckley’s framing of my wife, two others and me, Jerry’s other dirty tricks, Jerry’s blocking of Cong. Lipinski’s scheduled sign-on for Joe Doherty by calling him a terrorist, Jerry’s interference in Sen. Simon’s co-sponsorship for us, Jerry’s quarter-backing of the false-flag operation of provocateurs inciting public anger against the very causes they ostensibly promoted, Jerry’s collaboration with Britain’s Consul General in attempting to derail my City Council MacBride legislation, Jerry’s sheer cunning and, not least, because it was Jerry who tried to arrange much wider circulation of the Lumpen smears, we believe the author can be none other than Jerry, and thus, to us, “DJ” stands for “Deceitful Jerry.” Why, other than as a paid British agent would Jerry so assiduously sabotage our efforts and smear our reputations while MI5/FBI was perpetrating a parallel smear campaign through Maureen O’Looney and Dan Lydon and two separate series of crimes against us for that same British government?

Starting about 1986 the British government made three attempts to neutralize Mary and me. 1. Verbal Smears. This smear campaign we traced to Maureen O’Looney, long-time operative for MI5/FBI agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley, also  to Dan Lydon and Jerry Boyle. 2. Crimes. When verbal smears alone failed to stop us, on 2/18/90 FBI agent Joe Doyle warned Mary and me that some of his fellow agents had been subverted by British Intel and were planning crimes against us to silence us. Seven weeks later on April 8th the Langert family was found murdered in a northern suburb. Buckley promptly arrived, took over the investigation, and prohibited the local police from pursuing their sole suspect, the actual murderer, while he got Channel 5 TV’s Carol Marin to announce IRA involvement in it.  He then framed me for it. The murder weapon belonged to FBI agent Lewis and David Biro was convicted for it based partly upon what at least one juror said was BIRO written in blood on a knocked-down bookshelf by the dying Mrs. Langert. Murderer Biro saved me by blabbing through his FBI cover into Life Without Parole and remains in Downstate Pontiac prison. Soon thereafter Buckley incarcerated Mary, Frank O’Neill, Tony McCormick, and me in the Federal jail at Clark and VanBuren on charges based upon an FBI audiotape. In January, 1993, we proved that the tape was a criminal fabrication and all charges against all of us were dropped. Having failed to railroad us, and with Jerry’s continuing sabotages and verbal smears harming but failing to kill our campaigns, Britain’s dirty tricks phase three began: 3. Published Smears. Britain’s third series of attacks against us began in June, 1993 by means of DJ’s Lumpen Times claims that MI5/FBI’s crimes against us were merely to deepen OUR spook cover; and that all the work we were accomplishing was actually being done by Jerry and we, enemy operatives, were interfering in his work. All this time, to Britain’s exclusive benefit, DJ/Jerry Boyle was also sabotaging our human rights campaigns. The following are some of DJ’s key Lumpen Times smears and my refutations of them.       


Part 1, page 1, in its sidebar: DJ refers to me as a “Construction Consultant” in El Salvador. (I was the Resident Engineer on the construction of a $300 million hydroelectric dam project on the Rio Lempa, which, upon completion, provided electrical power to rural El Salvador.)

He (Fogarty) is a member of the Unification Church of Reverend Moon and for the last eight years  has worked covertly with the media (particularly Channel 5 and the Chicago Tribune), and the FBI to infiltrate, disrupt, and discredit the Irish liberation and solidarity groups. False in all points. I never was a member of that church (if church it is), but did attend a few events it sponsored. In my letter to Lumpen I asked why they hadn’t asked the Moonies if I was a member. My many letters published in the Trib speak for themselves. I had no connection to Channel 5 but DJ describes his own working connection to it and Carol Marin while Marin was linking me to the Moonies and later breaking the “news” of the “IRA/Winnetka massacre link” and also linking me to it. The notion that all of the many FBI crimes against me and others were FBI attempts to “deepen my cover” is a preposterous falsehood that only assets of MI5 and the FBI would try to spread, as in DJ’s next sentence; “His arrest in November 1991 with his wife and most trusted cooperative, Mary O’Sullivan, marks a new strategy the FBI will use to keep their informers’ and agents’ cover.” DJ’s most outlandish and destructive smear against us is that we were/are actually COLLABORATORS in MI5/FBI crimes against us. Let us observe DJ provide his evidence supporting that notion. If he can convince the public of that, he is a world master of his dark arts for the Brits.

Part 1, page 1, Col. 1: DJ goes into great detail about COINTELPRO and its crimes and then falsely labels us its operatives. He claims that one purpose of our arrests was to divert funding away from “the liberation struggle in the north of Ireland.” Our defense against MI5/FBI crimes did cost us a fortune aside from a one-time donation by companions, but DJ writes as if significant donors would have mistakenly diverted funds to us instead of to Ireland. If Jerry was “too smart to be conned,” let him now prove his own bona fides by producing canceled checks of his donations to Northern Ireland. He won’t produce them; his work benefits only the Brits, their MI5, and MI5-subverted FBI agents/criminals. DJ continues: “The charges were dropped at trial time in yet another contrived maneuver by the FBI and the government prosecutor and ends another chapter in the FBI’s tactical reaction to cover exposure of their informers (agents).” See my correspondence with Judge Lindberg demanding that he summon law enforcement against FBI crimes perpetrated in front of him in his courtroom. After falsely linking me to a gun shipment, DJ wrote: “By the end of 1986, he (Fogarty) had influenced much of the reactionary and mainstream local Irish body politics – debased, corrupt, and racist in nature.” That is DJ’s assessment of the tens of thousands of Irish-Illinoisans who participated in the campaigns (of which Jerry knows nothing). Non-Irish friends have recently told us of Jerry’s expressed loathing of Irish-Americans. DJ again: “…Fogarty had himself appointed the ‘chairman’ of the Irish-American Unity Conference (I.A.U.C.) by acclamation…” False. The membership elected me their chairman - twice.

Col. 2: Comprised mostly of attempts to link me and the FBI to the Moonies; falsely making me an ally of criminal FBI agents. DJ also writes; “Consequently, the news media was contacted (by whom, if not DJ/Jerry?) to draw attention to this Moonie network’s next luncheon. Don Mosley from the Carol Marin news of Channel 5 was very interested in attending the event undercover with one of the members of the Unity Conference and actually did. Channel 5 never did anything with the story after initially indicating that they were very excited with locating a Moonie front group.” Thus DJ has established his own active connection to the same Channel 5 with whom he accused me of associating, and in so doing reveals his own part in MI5/FBI’s campaign to destroy us. His use of Carol Marin to make me seem to be a front for the Moonies collapsed when the Moonie-sponsored event was attended by Cong. Hyde, US Presidential contender Jack Kemp et al, and Channel 5/Marin decided to not air it. DJ thus makes it clear that the presence of major pols wrecked their plans to portray me as a Moonie front. DJ’s disappointment is clearly written in this Lumpen article. I later asked Cong. Hyde if his Moonie attendance had been used against him as it had been against Mary and me. He answered “No,” expressing surprise that such had occurred.

Jerry’s key group-member, Maureen O’Looney, having falsely announced on her radio show her collaborator, Dan Lydon’s, success in getting Chicago’s City Council to issue a resolution (mine) for Joe Doherty, the radio station manager forced her to issue on-air recantations. Jerry’s alter ego, Jack Solbrig, was similarly fraudulently credited by announcements on other Chicago radio shows with political achievements he’d had absolutely nothing to do with. While sending Cong. Henry Hyde hundreds of letters signed by his constituents we also visited him with some of his constituents. During our visit he expressed concern over “IRA terrorism.” Having anticipated his concern I had brought the official record of homicides due to the Anglo-Irish conflict and handed them to him. He was impressed and said; “I’m going to have these checked out; and if they’re accurate I will do something major for Doherty.” He did: he wrote to then-USAG Dick Thornburgh accusing him, a fellow Republican(!) of violating both the spirit and letter of the Constitution in his treatment of Joe Doherty, and sent me a copy of it.      

Part 1, Page 2, col. 1: My letter that DJ cites mentions Martin Luther King’s chief adviser who went to Derry at our (my) expense and accomplished his mission well.  It also refers to the many Salvadoran soldiers who died defending our construction camp against the Marxist-Leninists. At the same time, School of the Americas-trained members of the Atlacatl Brigade would drive along the nearby Pan-American Highway during the shoot-on-sight, dusk-to-dawn curfew, strewing heads and body parts along the way.      

After much more text on the Moonies, DJ adverts to a mentally-fragile Chicagoan (JH). DJ expresses his personal knowledge that, just prior to an IAUC election, JH was handed the smear articles which he then loudly parroted minutes before the vote (which I nevertheless won). JH promptly asked an IRA POW to get someone to murder Fogarty in Chicago. The POW barely survived the beating/interrogation to reveal his “Chicago IRA contacts.” DJ wrote that JH “had a lawyer to deal with them (the FBI).” How did DJ know this unless he was that lawyer? Who, if not DJ, was the person who had manipulated that fragile man into trying to arrange my murder? DJ wrote re the fragile JH: “Fogarty himself told him he was ‘gonna make him pay and pay and pay.’” Despite DJ’s quotation marks around these words I have never spoken like that, but he wrote on, attributing to my cell-mate, the universally-respected Frank O’Neill, the false words “You’re a dead man.” the same FBI-fabricated words with which they tried to railroad him. Though DJ claims to oppose FBI crime he nevertheless uses their falsehoods against us long after their criminally-fabricated nature had forced the Prosecutor to drop all charges against us. DJ goes on: “Fogarty tried to disrupt the organizing of support of the principles, and by representing himself as an important organizer, he alienated many of the legislators in Springfield.” But the legislation (HB 1374) that Rep. McNamara introduced for us was enacted into law because of the many months of weekends and evenings of massive organizing, door-to-door canvassing, and sorting and mailing of bundles of advocates’ letters to their pols, while Jerry’s group didn’t perform any such work to get their MacBride initiatives out of committee where they died.  Under Jerry’s influence, none of the indispensable work was ever done; thus no result was possible but failure, as designed.    

Like DJ’s claim that I am the FBI mole that he himself has always been, it was Jerry who constantly disrupted the successful HB 1374 MacBride campaign that I initiated and conducted. He worked through FBI-confidant Maureen O’Looney and a few around her. While we, at great expense in time and treasure, conducted the MacBride, Doherty, Birmingham Six, Bloody Sunday justice, etc., campaigns with the active collaboration of tens of thousands of mostly Irish-Illinoisans, Jerry’s little group were writing to out-of-towners trying to discredit us. They actually managed to get IAUC’s national HQ in Florida to disband our branch on bogus bases, and then leveraged that disbandment into getting Chicago newspapers to stop publishing my letters. After eight years my Freedom of Information Act/Bivens request was answered, only to reveal that a significant portion of the FBI’s file (and motivation) against me consists of those same published letters that Jerry’s group worked so hard to have stopped, finally achieving stoppage. The FBI file contained thirteen of my letters published in the Chicago Tribune from 20Oct87 to 5July89. As a perusal of them shows, nobody but British agents would work to stop their publication.   

Part 1, Page 2, Col. 2 DJ writes: “…on the morning that coach buses were to pick up…Fogarty was able to cancel all of the buses and replace them with run down school buses that were supplied by Rev. Bevel from various Baptist churches in Chicago.” And “Furthermore, Rev. Bevel was the recipient of all of the funds collected for the coach buses.” Jerry’s group did advertise that they had arranged for buses for the trip to Springfield, but nobody signed up to ride, so they probably cancelled them. The actual campaigners did arrange for buses, and Rev. Bevel had absolutely nothing to do with it or them. My Mary and Susan Gallagher Kalagian contracted with a senior citizen group for them; Holiday Bus Lines’ comfortable coaches, not school buses as DJ falsely wrote. Springfield round-trip fares ($20) defrayed the total bus cost (plus $2 tip per rider for the drivers) was passed to Kalagian who paid the bus company. That trip date was 4/21/88. Rev. Bevel’s sole attendance at an IAUC meeting was to issue his report upon returning from his successful July, ’87 visit to Derry that I funded. The meeting was in the Portage Park field-house with about thirty of us. As Bevel rose to speak, Maureen O’Looney asked loudly: “Who invited the nigger?” Bevel recoiled, and to my permanent regret I only muttered an objection to O’Looney. Without further incident Bevel delivered his valuable report. Once business was done I drove Bevel home during which we discussed racism. Though he agreed to testify in Springfield, O’Looney’s racial slur (and perhaps my failure to promptly and publicly reprove O’Looney) ended his empathy with Irish issues. Only much later did it occur to me that O’Looney’s slur was prompted not by her racism, but by her handlers.   

“Throughout  all of 1988, Fogarty continued to pass himself off as not only the Chair of the IAUC, but also manufactured a letter to the national president of the IAUC, naming himself as the Illinois spokesman and campaign coordinator for Irish affairs, from eight people including himself (most of the signatures were forgeries). In January, 1989, Fogarty was informed by the national president of the IAUC that his contrived office never existed and was “defunct.” It was at a regular meeting of the Chicago Northside IAUC the membership elected me their Chairman for the first time. I established a modified Robert’s Rules of Order. Of our seventy-four members seven (mostly voted-out officers) did quit as a consequence of the election and Jerry’s promptings, unlawfully taking the treasury with them. The leader of the seven, led by Jerry, played a major part in sabotaging us and our efforts, and when we did succeed, they fraudulently claimed credit themselves (to provide cover for their sabotages). Having little credibility in Chicago where people could see for themselves, Jerry’s group concentrated their efforts on out-of-towners and the news media. While our letters-and-phone campaign concentrated on enacting MacBride, Doherty, etc., the group led by MI5/FBI and Jerry were targeting us. The letter signed by eight Chicago leaders was a response to a usurpation of local leadership. Four or five of the eight signatures were signed by those named. In our rush, Mary and I phoned the others and got their OK to sign for them. Mary was uncertain about one, so included her own “MOS” initials alongside the name she’d signed. Jerry’s gang managed to get one to claim to not remember permitting use of his name and they managed to make much of this apparent “forgery.” It was Jerry’s group who used real forgery (of my signature) to make me seem to be a Moonie official.  

Having successfully destroyed the IAUC in Chicago, he (Fogarty) proceeded to destroy the Patrick Pearse Council by attacking the credibility of the treasurers…” First of all, it was Jerry and his group that managed to destroy our IAUC branch in Chicago by their campaign targeting out-of-towners. In his “…attacking the credibility…”, Jerry is referring to a bogus claim of a car break-in made by Maureen O’Looney; a long-time confidant of MI5/FBI agent Buckley. As Patrick Pearse Council treasurer she was scheduled to present the financial records to the membership. The “break-in” was proven false within seconds and its falseness was confirmed later that afternoon by Desk Sgt. Callaghan and Detective Sorci of O’Looney’s local police station. We thus lost that club’s financial records. The treasury, too, was appropriated by O’Looney. By alleging that I had broken into O’Looney’s car, DJ insinuates that I had acted upon prior knowledge that O’Looney would 1) leave the financial records in her car the evening prior to our meeting, 2) leave the car on the street overnight, and 3) leave its doors unlocked. O’Looney and DJ require us all to believe that leaving valuable records and money in an unlocked car overnight on the street is customary behavior, that a thief steals records and leaves cash, that I knew about the unlocked car and couldn’t wait until the following day when the records were due to be delivered to the membership. Who, but the person responsible for those records and was due to open them for examination could possibly be motivated to “lose” them? What could be my motive in stealing records that were due for delivery the next day? DJ has a few more questions to answer.

The “break-in”: When Treasurer O’Looney was called upon to give her financial report, she said; “I don’t have the records; they were stolen. My car was broken into last night and the records were stolen but not cash that was along with the records. And the person who broke in is not very far from me this minute.” Intrigued; I proposed a five minute adjournment to examine the damage done to her car. O’Looney replied; “Oh no, there is no need to see the car; no damage was done to it.” Me; “But how did the thieves get into it without breaking a window.” O’L; “The car wasn’t locked.” Me; “Then where was the car; in your garage”? O’L; “It was on the street in front of my house.” Me; “Not in a garage? And when did you put the records into the car?” O’L; “Last night. I always leave the records in my car the night before meetings.” Me; “You leave financial records and cash in your car overnight, and leave the car, unlocked, on the street?” O’L; Yes; but I called the police and they came and made an investigation so there’s a record of it.” Me; “Can you document the investigation? What’s the policeman’s name?” O’L; “No; but it was investigated.” We resumed the meeting; with general embarrassment for O’Looney and her story. My Mary was elected Treasurer to replace O’Looney. Once the meeting was over Mary contacted O’L’s local police station and got confirmation that no call had been received nor any investigation conducted regarding a car break-in at O’L’s address as she claimed.   

Having had two treasuries embezzled with impunity, we thenceforth kept no treasuries in the various organizations we operated until we were free of the few women advised by Jerry. Once free of them we were able to have treasuries and treasurers with never a loss or scandal (other than raids by MI5/FBI criminals). Chicago’s Irish-cause groups are ALL subject to either embezzlement with impunity or MI5/FBI raids. Those neither embezzled nor raided may well be MI5-approved.

Further on Part 1, page 2 column 2 DJ writes: “The next group he (Fogarty) targeted was Irish Northern Aid (INA)…” Notice how DJ is the very thing that he systematically accuses me of. How credible is DJ’s contention that the FBI’s series of crimes against Mary and me were to provide us with deeper cover? Consider the very notion of targeting Chicago’s Irish freedom groups. Who but MI5 would be targeting them? FBI agent Doyle had previously told us that British Intel was going to “silence” us.  One way to partially silence us was to get Chicago newspapers to cease publishing my letters, of which DJ writes knowingly. Who but MI5 would kill support for Joe Doherty by [telling Cong. Lipinski Aide Chris Smith](CtoJ2June90)(see its chapter 5), as Jerry did (see fax chapter 5), on the day before Lipinski was scheduled to co-sponsor a bill supporting Doherty, that Doherty was a terrorist? Who would further sabotage support for Doherty by interfering in Senator Simon’s sign-on for Doherty?  Who but MI5 was Jerry working for when he called for a “lawyers’ meeting” to negotiate between the proposed MacBride ordinance I had initiated and one written by the British government? News reports on this by Pat Hennessy and Patrick Boylan were so twisted as to seem written by the British Consul; but they might have been disinformed.     

DJ next makes much of INA rejecting our new “Bobby Sands” unit. We did establish a new INA branch, but we eventually abandoned it once the Adams/McGuinness sell-out became obvious. Our Hunger-Strike Heroes unit of INA was operational when we all attended a national meeting of INA at OSU Prof. Seamus Metress’s house in Toledo, Ohio. Three years earlier Gerry Adams had packed Sinn Fein’s Ard Fheis in Dublin and had himself replace Ruaidri O Bradaigh as President. Adams was then already subverted by British Intel and was denounced by New York’s leader Michael Flannery. Irish Northern Aid members reestablished the Friends of Irish Freedom headed by Jim Maunsell and later by Co-Chairs Charlie McLaughlin (NY) and John Hurley (Boston). We in Chicago had hoped to avoid schisms, so continued with INA; but at Toledo, Adams emissary Brian O’Donnell, actively alienated most of the attendees. When O’Donnell told a leader of the Chicago INA that funds sent to Ireland would be promptly sent back to the US into the hands of dubious persons, that leader said; “In that case Chicago is out.” We got into our cars and drove home and soon thereafter abandoned our new INA unit and created a Chicago Friends of Irish Freedom. INA was left with a membership that dwindled as they learned what Adams had done.

DJ writes at length and with great approval of INA’s then-new Drumm-Markievicz-Farrell unit. They were Jerry’s associates, Lumpen anarchist-types. Only one was Irish. They knew little or nothing about what they claimed to support. Wherever they went they angered people, flaunting their large red flag of Communism, their weird clothing, purple and multi-colored hair dyes, tattoos, face jewelry, etc., their loud talk during renditions of the US national anthem, and their refusal to stand for it. In parades they provoked jeers to which they responded with obscene gestures, all while ostensibly promoting Irish freedom (and in one case justice for Joe Doherty). They must have known the immense damage they were doing. The only question is: were they paid via Jerry or directly by MI5?   

Toward the end of Page 2 DJ wrote re Irish Northern Aid (INA): “National leadership in New York didn’t want Fogarty’s group either.” Also: “They instructed the MDF unit to join the central board…” (Much more text here gives the false impression of a degree of INA national control that did not exist, but it matches Jerry’s focus on out-of-towners instead of the actual missions.

We set up the Hungerstrike Heroes branch of INA without incident, but started to lose interest in INA upon learning of Britain’s successful infiltration of Sinn Fein/IRA followed by the Adam/McGuinness sell-out of the Six Counties to Britain. INA’s numbers dwindled as members learned of the betrayal. Once the sell-out became undeniable (when maps were changed to show the Six Counties as no-longer disputed territory, but officially British) its remaining supporters, if any, are those few who always opposed Irish freedom.     

Part 1, Page 3. Here DJ writes; “Meanwhile over at Channel 5, Carol Marin….” He asserts that Channel 5 “dropped” pursuit of the Moonie connection that he, himself, admits in writing to having promoted to it. He then writes; “An anonymous tip was given to Channel 5 that Nancy Langert was the sister of Jean Bishop…” Who was that tipster if not DJ himself, to help FBI/MI5 demonize the IRA? Notice how DJ’s Lumpen articles weave me into the Langert murders. I phoned Channel 5’s Carol Marin the night she broke the “news” of the “IRA connection to massacre in Winnetka,” but she had gone. The next afternoon I did reach her and asked what was her basis for making that false connection. She answered; “The FBI.” I followed up; “Did you make the necessary check as to the veracity of that claim”? She answered; “No.” Me: “Doesn’t journalism require verification before airing such a claim?” That’s when she hung up. While DJ and the FBI were enlisting Marin in their campaign to disinform the public by wrongfully associating the IRA and me with the Langert atrocity, FBI Agent Buckley was taking the next step, framing me, the “IRA hit-man” for it.  

Near the end of page three DJ writes as an insider of his group’s success in getting national HQ of the IAUC to disband our branch, and then goes into great detail about their efforts to defame me to the Chicago Tribune and using the disbandment to get the Trib to cease publishing my letters – in which they also succeeded; all while we were doing the work that they would later claim as theirs. DJ’s footnotes provide lawyerly polish to his fabrications.   

Lumpen Smear Articles – Part 2 (Issue published in August, 1993)

Page 9, column 1 under “Editor’s Note.”

It begins by reprinting my faxed letter of June 21, 1993 to Lumpen Times Editor & Publisher Ed Marszewski and Editor-in-Chief Chris Molnar. Both editors demonstrate their complicity with DJ as follows: Their reprint of my letter surreptitiously omits its first paragraph which had read: “This is to confirm our phone conversation of yesterday wherein you both admitted having failed to verify the article’s main points. Mr. Marszewski claimed to have tried to contact me, but admits that he didn’t even look in the Chicago phone book where he would have found the only Christopher Fogarty there. Your article states about me: ‘He is a member of the Unification Church of Reverend Moon…’ a total falsehood readily exposed by checking with that church. You both claimed to have verified the footnotes; but a routine verification of footnote No. 1 would have revealed that the smear-author deleted that part of my 8/15/87 letter where I identify myself as a Catholic. You even went so far as to publish that letter, leaving out the part that would have refuted a main thesis of your article.”  

Their reprint of my letter also falsely inserted into it “and the identity of its author.” where my letter had actually read; “…and the role that Jerry Boyle had in it and/or in forwarding it to the Irish Echo.” Their paragraph ends with further falsehoods.

The next portion, headed “Summary of Part 1,” falsely accuses Mary and me of a long list of crimes and misdemeanors perpetrated by us as part of COINTELPRO.

Part 2, page 9, Col. 2: DJ falsely accuses Mary and me of; “(1) Infiltration (spying, disruption and discrediting, (2) psychological warfare (false media stories, forgeries, anonymous letters and phone calls, and pseudo-movement groups run by government agents, (3) harassment through the legal system (false arrests, wrongful imprisonments, conspicuous surveillance, investigative interviews and grand jury subpoenas), and (4) extra-legal force and violence (threatening, instigating, conducting break-ins, vandalizing, assaulting and beating). In Part 1, almost all of these methods became evident tools used by Fogarty, O’Sullivan, the FBI and the media…’ I demand that Lumpen Times and DJ provide evidence that Mary or I perpetrated even a single one of the above four categories of crimes and wrongful deeds. I am willing and able to prove that between Jerry and his accomplices (including the FBI) they perpetrated essentially all of them – against Mary and me.

Jerry has denied being the informer that got Carol Marin and MI5/FBI agent Buckley to spread the story that the IRA had murdered the Langert family. But in Part 1 DJ had already mentioned his own ability to direct the news-getting attentions of Carol Marin through her Mr. Mosley. Seeing that MI5/FBI framed me as that IRA “hit-man” how credible is DJ’s claim that it was I who participated with Buckley in Buckley’s frame-up of me? The FBI also managed to get the IRS to join the attack on me; it claimed taxes and extracted it from me on my totally IRS-exempt salary earned in El Salvador. At last an honest IRS agent Kasha informed me and scheduled a reimbursement but I never did receive it.  

Column 2 ends with repetitions of falsehoods.

Part 2, per se, of Lumpen’s series begins on page 9, col. 3. DJ promptly accuses Mary and me of complicity in MI5/FBI crimes against us during and after their raid on our FOIF meeting in an apartment attached to the Irish Wolfhound tavern on Milwaukee Ave. Is DJ so reckless as to not notice that to frame us, the FBI resorted to fabrication of evidence and perjury; and that the FBI had to abandon their mole, John Tuttle, after he crashed a car in Minnesota that he had stolen in Chicago? Prior to then, Tuttle had kept agent Buckley busy obstructing justice by springing him out of Chicago area lock-ups for mostly DUIs. He had also broken the noses of two “girl friends,” one for not contributing to their rent, and the other against the windshield of a car when he drunkenly crashed it.

Next, DJ reveals his knowledge that law firms had been told to withhold legal representation from us, to not defend us against the FBI; because we were “working WITH the FBI.” Let’s examine DJ’s assertion that we were WITH the FBI: The FBI had a van a block away listening to, and audio-taping, our meeting. They had their mole AT our meeting both taping and radio-transmitting our conversations. If, as DJ so absurdly claims, Mary and I were also “deep cover FBI,” who was left to be targeted? Nobody was arrested except Mary, Frank O’Neill, Tony McCormick, and me. The FBI tried to convict all four of us. We were all falsely accused of the same crimes. Against all of us they used the same perjuries and evidence fabrications.

Part 2, page 9, col. 4: But the FBI “rescued” Tuttle, their mole; not Mary nor me! The FBI spread the destructive word around our building that resident Chris Fogarty was the sole suspect of the Langert massacre. Discerning readers will also note that DJ (while claiming to oppose FBI crimes) quotes verbatim from the FBI’s criminally false Complaint filed against us.

Part 2, page 10, col. 1: After the end of the FBI’s Complaint, DJ “explains” how, despite all of the damage done to us by MI5/FBI, that we were really agents ourselves! (Some of DJ’s data are FROM the FBI; THEY are his source. Their crimes against us haven’t ended.) DJ writes; “Fogarty had two (attorneys)…”. Magistrate Pallmeyer had imposed upon us the additional expense of each having to have a separate attorney though the charges against all of were identical. I arranged for all of our attorneys; two each for three of us, and one for Mary but we had to replace Ann Burke (Alderman Eddie’s wife) for failure to perform.

Part 2, page 10, col. 2: a mélange of falsehoods and meaningless dates.

Part 2, page 10, cols, 3 & 4 are DJ’s lengthy, lawyerly disparagement of the legal tactics that failed to convict us. (Jerry Boyle is a lawyer, Solbrig isn’t.) That we defeated the FBI by exposing, scientifically, their “doctored” evidentiary audiotape, is proof to DJ of our complicity against ourselves. To keep his charade going he glosses over the fact of the “doctored” evidence and exactly in what way it was “doctored.” Throughout his Lumpen series, DJ demonstrates his access to official documents involving us that were never available to us; and nevertheless he misinterprets it so as to cover up the FBI’s crimes against us.

Part 2, page 10, col. 4. DJ writes; The next day, on Christmas Eve, the prosecution requested that the court grant immunity from prosecution (for allegedly stealing the Nagra) to defendants Fogarty and O’Sullivan to compel production of the cassette tape. This answers why O’Sullivan was also ordered to return the tape even though Fogarty was the one the FBI claimed removed the Nagra and the cassette tape from the informer’s jacket and left the tavern. In other words, when Fogarty walked out with the Nagra, the tape, and O’Sullivan, both walked out with immunity from prosecution. (They both had to have the tape if they both were to get immunity from prosecution to compel the production of the tape. A copy of this immunity order was then distributed anonymously to the media for the purpose of embarrassing the FBI, the Moonies, and the federal court system.” Mary and I had never heard of this immunity order until reading of it in the Lumpen Times soon after the Irish Echo rep informed us that “One of the Boyle brothers; Jerry”  had sent it to the Echo for re-publication. DJ’s above falsehoods are refuted by documents in the case files that our lawyers gave us upon the collapse of the FBI case against us. They show, 1) It wasn’t DJ’s “Christmas Eve” but shortly before Sept. 11, 1992 that the prosecution petitioned Judge Lindberg to compel Mary and me to produce the tape cassette, for on that date lawyer David Thomas, acting for both of us, introduced his 8-page petition which defeated the petition to compel us. 2) The threat of compulsion being thus eliminated, the rationale for the immunity that our testimony would have triggered was also eliminated and the FBI prosecution continued against us until the following January 13 when proof that the FBI audiotape evidence was feloniously “doctored” forced Prosecutor James Fleissner to successfully petition the judge to drop all charges against all four of us. The FBI had deleted an hour from the tape, and added words cunningly designed to conceal their excision. They then spliced the tape and made a copy of it, and presented that copy to the court as the original back-up tape. That crime is what cost them the case. 3) Also militating against the FBI’s case was its frame-up of me for the Langert murders (perpetrated with FBI agent Lewis’ 357 Magnum). 4) Consider DJ’s final sentence above: “…immunity order distributed anonymously to the media for the purpose of embarrassing the FBI, the Moonies, and the federal court system.” DJ ought to made answer: Who was that distributor? In what way does it “embarrass the Moonies?” How do “the Moonies” fit into all this - other than as bogeymen with which to demonize us? “ And “…embarrass the federal court system?” How? But it ought to embarrass the FBI. Our lawyers defeated the prosecutor’s petition to compel us to testify. That killed the stated justification for immunity, and the judge issued no such immunity order, so the only purpose for the FBI’s voluntary issuing of it was to get an accomplice like DJ to publicize it as a continuation of their crimes against Mary and me to discredit us and our efforts. Who but the FBI would have provided so much FBI-fabricated evidence against us to DJ? -And do it so selectively - while excluding all of the abundant evidence of FBI crimes? It speaks for itself that the FBI chose DJ to be distributor of its continuing attacks upon us. These attacks are all vicious and deceptive as if written by the same hand; the FBI’s legal charges, the Lumpen smears, the FBI-directed “investigation” reports, the FBI-controlled book about the Langert murders, “I Am Cain,” in which O’Looney and Jerry again do their FBI thing; the “break-in” of O’Looney’s car, etc.

Ultimately, MI5/FBI are stupid. The FBI complaint on which they incarcerated us includes yet another goof-up in their series of crimes against us. When Mary spotted FBI mole Tuttle acting suspiciously she set in motion a series of events that deprived the FBI of control of timing. Page 4 of their Criminal Complaint against us reads; “…the first two hours of the meeting.”  But they acknowledge that our meeting ended when Mary spotted Tuttle. They acknowledged that their “1648” purports to be the time when they begin taping and our people are greeting each other prior to getting down to business. BUT THEIR TAPE HAS ONLY 40 MINUTES OF CONVERSATION ON IT.  They falsified their tape by excising our entire business meeting out of the middle of it because it included no violations of the law. The tape they introduced as trial evidence included only pre- and post-meeting chit-chat with multiple simultaneous conversations. The resultant inaudibility enabled the evidence-tamperers to insert falsehoods that might hava bamboozled jurors, but they were stuck with the inescapable, glaringly obvious fact that that the tape was falsified.  Another example of the stupidity. At our bond hearing Agent Buckley testified that he heard our Treasurer Jim McClafferty give his financial report and heard FBI mole Tuttle handing in his payment (FBI money) for dinner tickets he had supposedly sold. But those FBI-testified-to events were part of the business meeting that the FBI had later excised from their evidentiary tape. Oops! Yet another example of how hard poor, stupid, Buckley was trying to please his MI5 handlers is this: On the previous April 14 (the day before Tax Day) Mary had transferred $2,000 for each of us from our Harris bank account into our IRA accounts in the same bank, and the bank book showed “$4000 to IRA.” This is what Buckley presented in federal court as evidence of our monetary support for “terrorism.” Yet DJ, insists that the FBI was covering for us! DJ was weaving me into the Langert murders via Carol Marin, while Buckley was framing me for the same murders! Can you see, reader, who was/is the FBI collaborator? Nevertheless DJ, through his Lumpen smears and his attempt to spread them nationwide via the Irish Echo, insists that I am the mole working against the cause of Irish freedom.          

Part 2, page 11, col. 1. Here DJ “explains” how and why the falsification of its own evidentiary audiotape “benefited both the FBI and (us).” The FBI’s audiotape handed in to the court as evidence against us had fifty minutes deleted from the middle of it, and more at its end. Its scant audibility facilitated the FBI’s creation of their “transcript” that falsified events to our detriment. What won the case for us was their exceedingly cunning addition of words to conceal their excision – words they excluded from their transcript but designed to be “discovered” on the tape later to “disprove” the complaint they expected of us about the excision. Our early discovery of it (soon after getting the evidentiary tape in July, 1992) both exposed it as a crime and wrecked the FBI’s planned use of it to wrongfully convict us. DJ covers up many MI5/FBI crimes in his attempts to smear us.  

A rare truth by DJ (but intended to impugn Mary and me): “FBI agent Buckley, the main agent involved in the bust, denied that foreign security forces worked with the FBI during his testimony at the preliminary hearing the day after the bust. (It was actually the third day.) The government restricted Buckley from further testifying about his knowledge of the joint operation claiming it as classified information. Buckley was apparently lying then, as he had lied to Assistant State Attorney Lykowski, regarding their paid informer Tuttle…” Weeks before the beginning of their crimes against us in 1990 FBI agent Joe Doyle warned Mary and me that some of his fellow agents had been bribed and subverted by MI5 and were planning crimes against us for MI5 to silence us. In 2003 at the MI5/Buckley frame-up in Dublin of Michael McKevitt (by means of the same perjury and evidence fabrication that had failed against us in Chicago and against me regarding the Langert murders) Buckley was in close working association with MI5 agents with whom, in federal court in Chicago, he had denied any connection, as DJ described above.  

Part 2, page 11, col. 2. Among all of DJ’s fabrications and twistings, he writes another truth (also intended to impugn us, not himself); “Instead of the Irish struggle having a face and a body in Chicago, it has the government directing opinion both inside and outside the movements.” Jerry has been both inside (as observer, not worker) and outside for years. More on this.

DJ accuses Irish-Illinoisan activists of equating U.S. patriotism with Irish independence. I accept that accusation. American patriots have good reason to support Irish independence. But it is important to avoid confusing the occasional criminal such as agent Buckley with our nation. Our nation, its Constitution, flag and anthem deserve our respect and support which impose on us an obligation to actively oppose traitors such as Buckley, his foreign handlers in MI5, and his moles O’Looney, Lydon, and Jerry Boyle.

DJ also writes: “To work with the local body politic to accomplish support for the oppressed Irish nationalist is contradictory because activists can’t expect a paternal, corrupt, debase (sic), and racist system to understand what oppression really is.” While racism remains a major blight in Illinois, it wasn’t racism that worked against our MacBride and Doherty campaigns. African-American and Latino pols always supported us early and we reciprocated by working for them. We experienced political opposition from a few fundamentalist Know-Nothings and British-corrupted Irish-American pols (Daley, Burke, O’Connor, Shea, et al.), but the major threats were from the MI5/FBI gang and their few collaborators, including Jerry himself. Contrary to DJ’s smear, it is to the integrity of Irish-Illinoisans that Ireland owes part of its independence and to which we owe the successes of our campaigns, especially the integrity of State Rep John McNamara and Alderman Tom Murphy.  

Part 2, page 11, col. 2. DJ concludes with: “And finally, to work around any Irish political groups with the majority of supporters being led and directed by the FBI and their Moonie agents is something that an activist has to consider dangerous. It is also something that a current, reactionary, mainstream Irish Solidarity community in Chicago is destined to fall prey to until the FBI publicly states that Fogarty and O’Sullivan are their agents and informers.” Behold the man; DJ/Jerry Boyle! MI5-bribed FBI agents would certainly want to smear Irish-Chicagoan activists, and would publicly claim that Mary and I are anti-Irish-freedom agents and informers. How do we know that? Because that’s what they did do; through DJ/Jerry and his little nest of collaborators.   

Part 3 (on page 11) is headed: “The Conspiracy Continues; A Discussion of the Sunday July 4, 1993 Chicago Tribune Magazine article, pp. 18-24.”

This is DJ’s attempt to drive home his core lies. He ends by telling his readers to decide; “…are Fogarty and O’Sullivan, a) terrorists; b) Barroom patriots, c) FBI operatives, or d) both a and c?”  

Lumpen Vol. 2, No. 11 1993 On page 6 under “Money’$ the Pimp” a “Sam Smucker” repeats Jerry smears, mostly about our “Moonie connection.”

Subsequent Lumpen issues warn; “Chris and Mary are gov’t agents.”

Winter, 2011/2012; Lumpen reissues the smears.   

Final Comments on DJ’s Lumpen Times smears

At a certain point in Jerry’s sabotages of our campaigns I contacted his brother, U. of I. Professor Francis Boyle, and asked him to please try to get Jerry to stop. Francis grasped the situation but told me that Jerry was small when Francis went away to school and that they were not close but he would do what he could. This suggested that Francis was estranged from Jerry; not communicating with him but he would try. About that time Jerry stopped his usual denials and evasions regarding the damage he was causing and for the first time replied thusly: “Chris; you don’t get it. This is what I do; I’m a professional. I’m a trial lawyer; I persuade people for a living. No matter what evidence you might have against me, I’ll still win. You’ll lose.”

That is the supreme self-confidence with which DJ wrote his Lumpen Times smears. It required maximum lawyerly self-confidence to twist fully-documented FBI crimes against us into an accusation against us of complicity in those crimes. It required maximum self-confidence to successfully present himself as Joe Doherty’s champion while blocking the planned co-sponsorships of Senator Simon, and Rep. Lipinski by referring to Doherty as a terrorist. It takes maximum self-confidence, after advising two Illinois MacBride Principles campaigns that failed from lack of workers, to claim control of our HB 1374 when we succeeded with it despite his sabotages. Ditto regarding the City of Chicago MacBride campaign.

DJ’s most destructive fabrication is that Mary and I were/are FBI assets. As further refutation of that outrageous smear see our long time efforts to have the FBI’s crimes prosecuted. Also see my correspondence urging our attorneys and U.S. George Lindberg to notify law enforcement about these FBI crimes. We wrote, unavailingly partly due to Jerry’s smears, to law enforcement, law firms, bar associations, law schools, the ACLU, also to Amnesty International, US Attorney Generals Reno and Ashcroft, and in their failures, to the news media, journalism schools, even my own column in the Irish American news. DJ’s smear that we were/are FBI assets required his cover up of the FBI’s frame-up of me for the Langert murders. It required his cover-up of the FBI’s criminal “doctoring” of its evidentiary audiotape that was public knowledge prior to the Lumpen smears. Also publicly known was how and where the FBI added words to its evidentiary audiotape to conceal its criminal excision of much of it. It required him to cover up the FBI’s mail-rifling visits to my post office while warning its employees to not dare tell anyone about that federal crime. My FBI-tapped phone must have informed them of the evidence we were expecting, and it never did arrive, but a tracer-attempt did.  

Had any authorized ONE of them stood up for America we would have gotten justice, thus precluding the MI5/FBI/Jerry smear campaign. Also, the next group of innocents targeted by MI5/FBI agent Buckley would not have been railroaded and the twenty-nine murdered in Omagh, to be blamed, like the Langert murders, on the IRA, would be alive today.

This refutation will be circulated among Chicago’s human rights, anti-bankster, and anti-criminal-war groups who believe, as we once did, that their safety depends in part upon Jerry. They will evaluate Jerry’s response to this. If, despite the foregoing, Jerry still manages to persuade them of his bona fides, that performance will place him at the very peak of his dark profession.

Mary and I welcome any questions regarding the foregoing. Tel. 312/664-7651, fogartyc@att.net. The other two of the MI5/FBI-framed “Chicago Four,” Frank O’Neill and Tony McCormick died (R.I.P.) before seeing the justice that we still seek. END     

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